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29 Nov 2005 - 07 May 2017
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Justin, Ipswich
I use magnification software called ZoomText to view web pages at x8 times the standard screen size, which means I normally need to do lot of scrolling to read a web page.
I use the BBC site a lot for news, entertainment and history; for example I use the history section as a first port of call for any history topics I have an interest in as there is often something there to get me started.
I particularly like the low graphics version of the BBC site because as a magnification user I find the way standard pages are laid out I can often miss content and find pictures hard to view. The low graphics version is more linear with the information being in one column and is therefore easier for me to read.
Another useful accessibility feature I use is resizing page text via the browser view menu in Internet Explorer because it helps me to read things like lists and lines of small text more easily.
Darren, London
I am paralysed from the neck down and ventilated; I use a headset and on-screen keyboard to access my computer. Due to my severe disability the computer and especially the internet is my primary communication link.
I use the BBC website to access nearly all of my news and sport information. Being unable to hold and flick through a newspaper, the excellent quality and coverage of news and sport on the BBC website enables me to browse and find articles about most issues I'm interested in. The media player (radio & video) gives me independence to swap between programmes without constantly asking other people to do it for me.
The BBC website gives me access to the news and sport I want, when I want it, the site is easy to navigate and increases my independence as a disabled person.
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