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A Microsoft technology that allows small programs to run inside your browser.
A supplement to a piece of software that gives an added layer of functionality: for example, add-ons in Mozilla Firefox can allow you to take pictures of the screen or remove adverts.
What is email, and how do I sign up for it?
How do I organise my emails?
Address book
Part of your email software where you store details of your friends' and contacts' e-mail addresses so you don't have to remember them.
What are plug-ins?
Adobe Flash
Used to create and play interactive videos, games and other multimedia items on the internet. You may need to install a plug-in to view Flash content on your browser.
How do I use photo-sharing websites?
Adobe Photoshop
Software which you can use to view and edit images.
How do I get broadband?
'Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line' - a type of broadband technology used for connecting to the internet.
ADSL filter
Plugs in to your telephone line to stop broadband and telephone signals from getting mixed up, or interfering with each other.
ADSL router
Also known as a DSL modem, this is used for connecting a computer to the internet.
What are pop-ups, and how do I stop them?
A form of spyware which installs programs which generate advertising on your computer (often in the form of pop-up windows).
Letters at the start of the "alternative" user-originated newsgroups ranging from alt.bill-gates to alt.yoga. Can also mean 'alternative'.
How can I make the BBC’s websites more user-friendly?
Alt tag
The text which appears when you roll the mouse over a picture. This is the alt tag in HTML and is useful for people who view pages in text-only mode, or who are blind or visually impaired.
An operating system developed by Google for mobile phones and other hand-held devices.
Animated GIF
A GIF is a type of image file. When it is animated it might blink, flash or have moving pictures.
Pictures which are combined in a certain way so they appear to move. Cartoons are animations.
What is spyware?
How can I protect myself from computer viruses?
Anti-spyware software helps stop people from spying on your computer and stealing your data.
Anti-virus software helps protect your computer from viruses.
What’s the best internet service provider (ISP) for me?
Formerly known as American Online, this company used to be the world's largest Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Free open-source software used on over 50% of the internet's web servers.
What is an MP3?
A company set up by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in 1976, which makes computers (such as Macs), MP3 players (iPods), software (such as iTunes) mobile phones (iPhones) and more.
Where can I buy a computer?
Buying a computer: What do I need, and how much do I need to spend?
Apple Macintosh
A series of computers made by Apple. The first Macintosh was released in 1984.
Another word for computer program. For example, Microsoft Word (which is used for creating text documents) is a word processing application.
The place on a website where you find old articles, stories etc.
To move old files which may not still be in use or relevant to a separate storage area.
A computer code that represents letters as numbers. For example, the letter A is ASCII code 65.
When plain text characters are arranged on the screen in such a way that they create an image.
How do I send email attachments?
A file which has been attached (sent with) an email. This could be an image, a video or any other document. You can usually attach a file to an email by clicking an icon in the shape of a paperclip.
Auction site
A website (such as eBay) where people can bid money on different items for sale.
How do I download files?
Audio clip
A sound file (for example, some music) which has been placed on the internet to either download or listen to online.
How do I get broadband?
What equipment do I need for a broadband internet connection?
Auto connect
When your computer has been set to automatically connect to a service (for example, the internet) whenever it detects that it is available.
What are social networking sites?
What are online message boards?
A picture or cartoon of yourself or a favourite character that you use to represent yourself in games, on message boards or on social networking websites.
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