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24 March, 2011 - 16:38 GMT

Digital Planet's Changing
Click for more
Digital Planet is about to change its name. From 29 March, it’ll be called Click, aligning itself more closely with its sister television programme of the same name. The show will also be shorter in duration and will air at slightly different times (see below for details).
"Planeters" needn’t worry though: the focus of the new show will be the same – reporting the human side of technology from around the world, just as it always has. BBC favourites, Gareth Mitchell and Bill Thompson are still going to be the voices on the show. And for online listeners, it’ll still be available on the web and via podcast.
The changes represent the best of all worlds. Click on TV has a great team and lots of equally great content. By joining forces, we hope to go further, dig deeper and make both shows even better.
Click - on air and online from Tuesday 29 March
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Faith Book
Translating the scriptures
It’s four hundred years since the King James version of the Bible was completed. Its imagery and poetry have influenced the English language around the world. For Heart and Soul, Michael Ford speaks to those translating the Bible today into the thousands of languages that as yet don’t have a complete version.
We’ll hear about the challenges facing modern translators – and how cutting edge artificial intelligence is transforming the process. From poetry to patois, find out how the Gospels are being re-invented for today and how they are reforming people’s understanding of the scriptures.
Heart and Soul: Faith Book - on air and online from Saturday 2 April
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For King or Country?
Exploring the views of a monarchist and a republican
We hand the microphone over to an ardent monarchist and a committed republican as they explore their own personal views for and against monarchy as a form of government.
Programme One: Sweden - home to one of the world's oldest and yet most modernised courts. Why is it that a growing number of people here are opposed to keeping the king as head of state?
Programme Two: United States - a country whose very creation involved rejecting kingship. Yet there are some people living under America's republican constitution who believe that monarchy would be preferable.
For King or Country? – On air and online from Tuesday 29 March
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On the doorstep of the Olympic Stadium
Residents living next to London 2012
The countdown towards the Olympics is marching on and expectations are on the rise.
But what of the residents living next door to the huge site that will host the London 2012 Olympic Games in East London?
In the third installment of this series, Great Expectations, the BBC re-visits the residents living close to the stadium and finds out what impact - if any - the Olympics are having on their lives.
PREVIEW : Great Expectations1 mins
Great Expectations - on air and online from Saturday 2 April
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