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The perfect trip: Singapore and Malaysia
By Joshua Samuel Brown, Lonely Planet Magazine
From cookery lessons and feasting to jungle walks and high tea, capture the very best of Singapore and Malaysia.
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Tahiti and French Polynesia on a budget
By Jean-Bernard Carillet, Lonely Planet
Despite a reputation for opulence and exclusivity, it is perfectly possible to visit these dreamy islands on a limited budget – if you make the right decisions.
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Musical destinations: Kraków, Poland
By Rebecca Franks, BBC Music magazine
Revel in the musical riches of Poland’s historical second city, whose countless concert venues even include a chapel deep within a salt mine.
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Postcard from Helsinki, Finland
By Marina O’Loughlin, BBC Olive magazine
The Finnish capital’s culinary scene is full of traditional ingredients and cool retro designs.
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Food & Drink
Walking Hadrian’s Wall
By Marcel Theroux, Lonely Planet Magazine
Along England’s wild northern frontier, Hadrian’s Wall crosses a sublime, historic landscape that is still giving up the secrets of the region’s turbulent past.
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