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Tuesday, 08 March 2011
Cairo 21-10
Sustaining the state versus permanent revolution
Abdel Moneim Said

With ministries and public institutions stormed, it is unclear if the generation of the revolution wants to transform or destroy the state

Egypt’s economy: A clean break with the past
Ashraf Swelam

Many in this country are willing to pay the price of freedom, but they should no longer pay the price of mismanagement and lack of ingenuity

When security is terror
Gamal Abdel-Gawad

The hatred and mistrust of Egypt's State Security apparatus needs to be addressed and rectified if scenes as those witnessed at the weekend are not to be repeated

Who works for whom?
Rasha Abdel Moneim Ebeid

The military should not feel distress in yielding to the will of the people

Social justice after Egypt’s revolution
Taha Abdel Alim

Without addressing poverty, the great uprising of the Egyptian people will run out of steam

Egypt and the fifth general
Said Okasha

While the door has been opened to a brighter future for Egypt, all depends on how the delicate work of removing the army from political life proceeds

January 25 Revolution: Religion is for God, Egypt for Egyptians
Emad Gad

Now that the revolution has exposed the myth that the region will fall into the hands of Islamists if its dictators fall, Egyptians must guard against the tricks of the old regime as they move towards a civil state

Egypt: A permanent revolution?
Ray Bush

The 25 January revolution has changed political life for good but will only be successful if it can link the tremendous struggle over rights and representation with economic growth that provides jobs


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