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 Rebels Form 'Interim Government' 

The Libyan regime's forces keep pressing ahead with attacks against the rebels. However, the pro-democracy fighters are going ahead to try and establish themselves. Their last act has been to form an “interim government”, that they hope would help them in their efforts to free the entire country from the current regime.
 'Yemenis must avoid armed revolt' 

There are concerns that intermittent skirmishes between anti-government demonstrators and forces loyal to embattled Ali Abdullah Saleh could eventually spiral out of control and trigger a large-scale violence in Jemen. But a political analyst has advised Yemeni factions to avoid any armed conflict with the Sana'a regime since the embattled government may use it as a pretext to stay in power.
 Al Qathafi Forces Press Ahead with Assaults on Misurata, Ajdabijah and Zintan 

Fighting has continued between Libyan regime forces and rebels opposing the Al Qathafi government, at the rebel-held town of Misrata, where, it is reported, supplies are running low. Like Misurata, Ajdabiyah has also been been effectively cut off, with no telphone or internet services available. The battle is still on Wednesday as the Al Qathafi forces continue to attack rebel positions across the country.
 US Military Denies Shooting on Civilians 
Despite reports to the contrary, the American military has denied that US forces shot and wounded civilians during a rescue operation near Benghazi to pick up two crew members after their warplane crashed.
 Japan: Above Normal Radiation Figures; High Levels of Iodine in Tokyo Tap Water 

Radiation levels in many areas of eastern and northern Japan continue to be higher than normal following the earthquake that hit the country and damaged the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
News Summary from the US/International Press on the Libyan Crisis - by Morgan Strong
President Obama worked on Tuesday to bridge differences among allies about how to manage the military campaign in Libya, as airstrikes continued to rock Tripoli and forces loyal to Col. Muammar Al Qathafi showed no sign of ending their sieges of rebel-held cities.
 Al Qathafi Slams UN Coalition and Calls its Actions “Unjust Aggression” 
In a live appearance in front of a cheering crowd of his supporters at his bombed compound at Bab Al-Azizia barracks in Tripoli that was hit by air strikes on Sunday, the Libyan leader Muammar Al Qathafi late Tuesday called what's happening in Libya right now an "historic battle" against the "unjust aggression".
 New Non-NATO Body To Lead Action on Libya 
Only a day after British Prime Minister David Cameron said at the House of Commons that NATO would be in charge of enforcing UN Security Council resolution 1973, France has now proposed that a new political steering committee outside NATO be responsible for overseeing military operations over Libya.
 US Helicopter May Have Shot Civilians During Rescue Mission 
A US Joint Task Force Commander has refused to deny claims that a US helicopter shot and injured civilians during a rescue mission to pick up a pilot who had ejected from his jet.
News Summary from the US/International Press on the Libyan Crisis - by Morgan Strong
President Barack Obama repeated Monday that Muammar Al Qathafi "needs to go," but he acknowledged the Libyan dictator may remain in power for some time because the allied military mission in North Africa has a more narrow mandate of just protecting innocent civilians.
 US Fighter Plane Crashes Near Benghazi 
An American fighter jet crashed over Libya Tuesday. Both crew members ejected safely. According to reports, one of the crew members was quickly picked up by a US military helicopter. The other is said to be "safe" after being rescued by Libyan rebels.
 UN Rejects Libyan Request for Emergency Meet 
The UN Security Council rejected a Libyan request for an emergency meeting to halt what it called "military aggression" by coalition forces three days after they began launching strikes aimed at disabling Libyan air defences.
 Al Qathafi Forces Keep Up Shelling on Misurata City 
The pro-government forces in Libya have reportedly shelled the western city of Misurata, 200km east of Tripoli, that had been encircled for days by tanks and the stationing of snipers on rooftops.
 Unconfirmed Reports that Airstrike Killed Al Qathafi's son, Khamis 
Libyan government sources have denied unconfirmed reports published by various media outlets quoting sources mostly affiliated with the Libyan opposition, and Arab newspapers that lifted the news from them, including Algerian TV, that one of the Libyan leader's sons, 27-year-old Khamis, was killed in an air strike on the Libyan leader's compound in the heart of Tripoli.
 Air Attacks on Tripoli ... For Third Night Running 
Anti-aircraft fire rang out across Tripoli for a third night as air attacks in the capital and on targets in eastern Libya were reported, but a U.S. general said allied bombing raids were likely to become less frequent as Washington holds back from being sucked into the Libyan civil war.
 Ban Ki-moon Urges World Community to ‘Speak With One Voice’ on Libya 
The international community must “continue to speak with one voice” on the unfolding developments in Libya, or the humanitarian situation in the North African country will only worsen, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has warned during a visit to the Egyptian capital, Cairo.
 British PM: UN Coalition's Objectives: Setting Up of No-Fly Zone, and Protecting Civilians 
The UK prime minister's official spokesman has said that UK military targets in Libya would be chosen to achieve the two objectives stated in the UN resolution, i.e. the setting up of a no-fly zone and the protection of civilians.
 Reports that Second Ceasefire by Libyan Regime Also Broken 
Despite the Libyan regime's recent call for a ceasefire, CNN quoted a witness in the city of Misurata reporting an "absolute destruction and carnage" by the Al Qathafi forces on Monday.
 70% of Egyptians Vote for Constitutional Changes 
Egyptian voters overwhelmingly approved constitutional changes that eliminate restrictions on political rights and civil liberties, it was announced today. The elections commission chief said constitutional changes were approved in Egypt's landmark referendum, with 77 percent of the vote in favour, according to final results.
 Australia's FM Rudd Warns of Lengthy Libyan Action 
Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has said it was important to see the initial bombardment of Libya at the weekend as "phase one" in a multi-phase operation.
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