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29 Nov 2010 - 13 Jan 2022
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Tuesday, 22 March 2011
Cairo 22-8
Egypt's Sewedy slashes 2011 net profit forecast
Libya to push up oil, cool risk appetite
World uncertainty makes long-term investors freeze, or at least sit on the sidelines and not make major moves
Earth quake disaster cost Japan $235 billion, World Bank
Japan disasters would affect the rest of Asia especially in terms of trade and finance, but it is too early to give estimates of the regional cost
Japan quake leads GM Korea to cut production
Stalled supply of Japanese parts forces carmaker to prune factory hours
Egypt to announce bourse reopening this week, State TV
Government has several times promised to reopen, but fears capital flight and massive losses
Libya intervention likely to push oil prices up
Saudi and Iran issues also key to price stability, says analyst
Saudi Arabia sees no capital outflow from regional strife
Central bank governor talks of 'normal business' as further social spending plans revealed
Egypt sells treasury bills worth LE5bn
Central bank meets target in latest auction
Egypt's Suez Cement counts cost of unrest
Suez Cement, the largest cement producer in Egypt, reports losses due to recent political unrest and announces its intention to pay dividends to share holders as trade unionists' demands for their profit shares go unanswered  
Egypt's bourse opens Wednesday: new chairman
Wednesday Egypt’s stock exchange will open after closure due to the revolution, according to Abdel Salam, chairman of the Egyptian stock exchange as of today

Egypt in strong position to raise gas price to Israel: Minister of Petroleum
Subsidies are the target of new Egyptian minister of petroleum’s agenda, due to popular support; Israel gas subsidies are on the negotiation table but local subsidies are untouched

Global Intel acquires Egyptian co.
Intel Corporation acquired most of the assets of SySDSoft, a privately-held software company based in Cairo

Analysis: Egypt should embrace a social market economy

Oman oil employees stage further demonstrations
Refinery and oil field workers demand wage rises and pension improvements

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