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10 Jun 2010 - 5 May 2016
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What does it mean to be an Economist Corporate Network member?
Here are several typical member experiences of Economist Corporate Network. Similar members are experiencing the same value from our services every week of every year, right across the network, from Beijing to Singapore, Warsaw to Vilnius, Riyadh to Nairobi.
“We rely heavily on the insightful perspectives to guide our strategies in emerging economies and to provide an objective and respected third-party view to our global leaders.”
Ian Hudson, President Europe, Middle East and Africa. DuPont
“Economist Corporate Network is the only outside source of economic data and predictions we use for our plans in the region. Their analysis is not only accurate and forward-looking, but turns out to be real.”
Alfonso Di Ianni, Senior Vice-President, Eastern Europe and CIS. Oracle
“Continuous information on the region that has a severe impact on the business.”
Jochen Erlach, Director Sales - Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa. Hewlett-Packard
"We have used Economist Corporate Network to enhance our understanding of the region and found them thorough and extremely helpful. The best source of information and best practices for us and I highly recommend them as global source of data and intelligence" -
Michael Rubel, Corporate Development MEAI.Michelin
“I have a folder in my inbox which I don’t delete anything at all. Whenever I need some info about some specific market of fact, it’s the first folder I look into.”
Guney Sel, Marketing Manager. Nike
“I was impressed by the high ranking executives.”
Julian Ries, Partner. Beiten Burkhardt
Words from our members in Asia
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