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17 May 2011 - 13 May 2013
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Tuesday, 17 May 2011
Cairo 30-17
Reward set for ancient Egyptian artefacts looted during Jan 25 Revolution
Egyptian antiquities ministry offers LE 500 - 50 thousand ($86 - $8500) for the return of missing artefacts or information that leads to their whereabouts
Lahoun excavation is shut down
Excavations at the Lahoun archaeological site in Fayoum have been halted due to negligence of the excavators
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Egypt’s antiquities ministry releases first official replicas
If any Egyptology enthusiast ever wanted an official, to-scale replica, the Egyptian ministry of antiquities affairs opened a production unit which sold LE2m worth of replicas to hotels in Sharm El-Sheikh
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King Tut’s chair in a fashion line ad triggers uproar
Hawass, minister of Egyptian antiquities, is on the defence again, this time denying using ancient artifacts as props in a photo shoot to promote a clothing line bearing his name
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Hawass meets employees a week after reappointment
Promising better benefits for staff of his new ministry, antiquities chief Zahi Hawass says hard work will pay dividends
New Egyptian era, new complaints section in antiquities ministry
With all of the newness of Egypt's revolution, the antiquities ministry gets a reshuffle, including a new complaints department
Exhibition of the Egyptian revolution to tour Europe
Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawass will put on a touring exhibition representing the Egyptian revolution in an effort to revive tourism
Ancient Egyptian artefacts stolen from AUC
Artefacts in a storehouse in the American University in Cairo’s campus were never open to the public - and now those possibilities are no more after 145 authentic pieces were stolen
The search for gold in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Zahi Hawass speaks on what he saw when he returned for a more thorough look at the Cairo Museum after the initial break-in during the revolution
Hawass officially reappointed to Egypt's antiquities portfolio
Renowned Egyptologist, Zahi Hawass, tells Ahram Online of his reappointment as Egypt's minister of antiquities and prioritises the repelling of encroachments on archaeological sites a well as the resumption of projects
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Egypt's antiquities warehouse looted by armed gang
Precious artifacts stolen from Tel El-Dabaa collection in Sharkiya
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Calls for protection of ancient Egyptian tomb site
Former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities, Hawass, calls on military and PM to defend antiquities, describing locals’ encroachment on ancient tombs that UNESCO was appalled by in last week's visit
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Another call on Egypt's PM to save antiquities
With the antiquities field at a dangerous halt in Egypt an official letter was sent to PM Sharaf calling for an immediate appointment of a leader
800 artefacts missing from Qantara-East warehouse
A collection of 800 priceless artefacts is reported missing from the Qantara-East warehouse, which was subject to looting on 29 January
UNESCO delegation reassured after first day in Egypt
The UNESCO delegation visiting Egypt after some looting of archaeological sites reports positively from the Egyptian Museum
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