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Saturday, 09 April 2011
Egypt Elections 2010
Official results : 16 opposition, 424 NDP, 65 "independents"
The 2010-2015 parliament will have a sweeping NDP majority  
Egypt elections: What went wrong?
Egypt elections obliterate Coptic voice
Election run-offs confirm sweeping NDP win
Meet the new opposition force: Tagammu
Coalition wants parliament dissolved
NDP parliament is here to stay
EU High Representative "concerned by reports of irregularities"
Wafd wins six seats but insists on zero representation
"Hire a thug" and other campaign expenditures
The legally imposed limit on campaign spending of LE100,000 is proving little more than wishful thinking, what with the cost of billboards, TV adds and thugs for hire

Mubarak: Despite some irregularities elections were transparent
President Hosni Mubarak hails the NDP for its sweeping majority in the parliamentary elections, as well as the performance of the Higher Council for Elections

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Opposition takes to the street
Opposition groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, are taking to the streets to protest the results of the parliamentary elections, seeking the dissolution of the new parliament

Wafd moves to freeze the membership of its seven MPs
The Wafd Party has decided to have no parliamentary representation in the 2010-2015 People's Assembly and moves to freeze the membership of its winning MPs

Sole Brotherhood MP faced with expulsion from the group
The Muslim Brotherhood's representation in parliament has dwindled from 88 to one. It's likely to go down to zero

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