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Tuesday, 05 April 2011

Coptic Priest found dead in southern Egypt
Speculation surrounds the priest's death
Ahram Portal, Wednesday 23 Feb 2011

A protest of 3,000 erupted in southern Egypt in response to the killing of a Coptic priest who was found in his home, where he had been dead for two days.
Ahram's correspondent in Assiut reports three differing scenarios emerging around the case.  
Police officials claim that the priest's safe was found open and valuables missing indicating it was a violent theft.
Menawhile, those in disagreement with the police's version of events allege the murder was committed by security personnel to counter calls that the state security should be withdrawn. Others point the finger at one of the priest's enemies.
The victim was killed at his home, in the village of Shob, where he had been alone.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011 8:23 PM
Coptic priest
Thanks Abe for your smart opinion. I am Muslim and agree with you that evils and corruptions alleys are trying their best to end people's dream of a better life and better Egypt. Beware of those snakes and let us strengthen the bonds between us. This is our country..country of Coptic, Muslims and all religions because the fact is they are all Egyptians! God bless all of you.'


Saturday, March 12, 2011 12:27 PM
From Italy
What is being done about all this.I do not live in Egypt anymore yet I am very sad to still see people killing each other and burning churches. Apart from giving the news every newspaper in the country must add to their articles in capital letters, WE DO NOT WISH TO HAVE TO REPORT SUCH NEWS SO WHAT IS BEING DONE ABOUT THIS? We cannot accept however that very simple people in very poor quarters to understand this. Muezzins and Priests must and should be the ones to help work out the differences between the families of the "so-called guilty young couple". All kind of violence due to such a natural and human thing such as meeting and falling in love even if of different religion MUST BE BROUGHT TO AN END. For the future of our country and in the name of those who died in Tahrir Square, this is a very important issue to be decided upon. There are very many important issues that have priority at the moment but this is also one of them. Some sort of law with the help of both religious le'


Friday, February 25, 2011 2:53 AM
Keep burrying your heads in the sand!
Other newspapers didn't mention any of such scenarios al-ahram alleged. They simply mentioned that masked Islamists were seen by neighbors, shouting God is Great leaving the murder scene. Since 28th January, 13 Copts were murdered in Maghagha, 2 in Assiut, a Coptic woman kidnapped in Omraneyya, 4 monks injured in Beheira, a church burnt in Sinai ... I'm amazed by the cowardice of Egyptian officials and newspapers who keeps ignoring these incidents. '


Thursday, February 24, 2011 7:02 AM
Coptic priest
As a Christian Copt I will ask smart people to let the police do their work. We all know of a group or groups that will be happy to start anti revelotion , wich can cost Egypt it's great win . watch your steps it is a mad mad mad world. Salamat. '

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