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20:14Cole charged over tweets about Ghana fans after Wembley showdown
18:16Egypt reach last 16 of London Games qualifiers
16:42Mubarak is smuggling money out, accuses Youth Coalition
16:27Police beat protesters at Damascus mosque
16:27Embattled Yemen leader explains why he rejects Gulf exit plan
15:52Standoff persists in I. Coast as humanitarian crisis deepens
15:46Yemen security forces wound dozens
15:46Zidan aims to become first Egyptian to win German Bundesliga
15:45Oil hits 32-month high on Libya shortage
15:29President expected to stay as Djibouti votes
14:58Syrian forces kill 3 Deraa protesters
14:05Three civilians killed Friday in Israel's strike on Gaza
13:33U.S. general sees no military outcome in Libya
13:23Rebels counter Gaddafi assault on Misrata
13:18US froze huge aid deal amid Yemen unrest
12:56BREAKING NEWS: Yemen's Saleh rejects offer to step down
12:21New air strike kills one person in southern Gaza
11:49Coptic Orthodox liturgy alongside Muslim Friday prayers in Tahrir today
11:27Rights group tells Serbia to stop evicting Roma
11:27Palestinians: Awarta women rounded up by Israel
11:26Only democracy will end terrorism: ElBaradei ‎
18:52Mubarak’s chief of staff, Zakaria Azmi, sent to jail
18:15Army uses force to end textile workers strike, withdraws from factory
17:31Israel orders 'swift' army action after Gaza attack
17:24Hariri to visit Egypt, slams Iran
17:24Japan races to find tsunami dead despite radiation
16:23Netanyahu, Merkel meet in Germany on Mideast
16:08Tantawi and Abbas discuss Egypt support for Palestine
16:04Gulf Arabs work on plan for Yemen's Saleh to go
15:26Egypt's stock market dips 0.94 per cent

Egypt’s ousted president Hosni Mubarak stands accused both of corruption and of crimes against humanity. What is your position?
These accusations are untrue, and we should express our gratitude to the former president and ask his forgiveness for the revolt against him.
He should be arrested and brought back to Cairo to stand trial both for corruption and crimes against humanity
He should be granted amnesty, so long as he returns ill-gotten gains by him and his family members.
He should be granted amnesty, so long as he leaves the country and return ill-gotten gains by him and his family members.
I don't know   
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Countering the counter-revolution: Live updates from Tahrir and around the country
Over a million descend on Tahrir and streets around the country demanding the full dismantling of an old regime bent on counter-revolution
Coptic Orthodox liturgy alongside Muslim Friday prayers in Tahrir today
Hundreds of thousands to hit the streets for Egypt's "Cleansing Friday"
Egypt is due to witness large scale demonstrations today as the forces of the 25 January revolution join in calling for a "Friday of Cleansing", demanding the dismantling of the old regime and retribution
Two statements confirm Mubarak is fit for trial
Amidst huge protests in Egypt demanding Mubarak to be tried despite rumours of his declined health, Ahram Online gets a scoop on his health condition
Marchers for and against Yemen's Saleh face off
Tensions high as "Friday of firmness" is held by anti-government protesters in Sanaa and as government security deploys close to defected army forces
Egypt crony capitalism Palm Hills deal cancelled
Facing corruption charges, the giant real estate developer Palm Hills, in which one Mubarak son is involved, has had a major land contract canceled by the governmental New Urban Communities Authority
Clashes break out in Syrian protest town
Thousands Protest in Daraa, Ammuda, Derek, Deirbassiye, Hassake and Qamishli, popular committees to verify identity of people entering Damascus rally
Violence escalates in Gaza as Israel strikes
Israeli air and ground forces pound Gaza killing 6 and wounding 30+, Hamas says bus attack was retaliation
Salafists' wrath turns violent
The recent spate of violent attacks by Salafists in Egypt against shrines sacred to Sufis gives an insight.....
All the king’s men: Who runs Mubaraks' money?
Ahram Online unravels one of the strings of the convoluted Mubarak fortune, starting with business stakes.....
How divided is Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood?
Though the Muslim Brotherhood leadership insists Egypt's largest Islamist group stands united, there.....
The reappearance of radical Islamism in Egypt is a grave development that could undermine the youth revolution
Governments have already signed conventions that establish the human right to health; now it is time to put this commitment into practice
By questioning the group’s conservative and secretive nature, the youth branch of the Brotherhood are bringing the revolution to bear on the political scene in Egypt
The first of the 1,500 artefacts planned for exhibition at the Grand Egyptian Museum overlooking the Giza Plateau has arrived safe and sound
Artefacts in a storehouse in the American University in Cairo’s campus were never open to the public - and now those possibilities are no more after 145 authentic pieces were stolen
Zahi Hawass speaks on what he saw when he returned for a more thorough look at the Cairo Museum after the initial break-in during the revolution
The Football Association has charged West Ham striker Carlton Cole with improper conduct over tweets about Ghana fans made during England's friendly against the African side.
Egypt qualify for the third round in the 2012 London Games qualifiers despite defeat at Botswana
Mohamed Zidan enthusiastically awaits a looming Bundesliga triumph for his club Borussia Dortmund
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Former chairmen of a military factory accused in Daimler corruption case are referred to criminal court
A member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces says those who staged the 25 January Revolution are capable of outnumbering the Muslim ‎Brotherhood in upcoming parliamentary elections
The American University in Cairo boasts of its commitment to academic independence and liberal education traditions, yet some of its students and staff are now questioning the depth of these commitments
In a show of support, US Defense Secratary visits Saudi Arabia to discuss reform and stability in the region
Israeli aircraft attacked two targets in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, wounding four people, among them a pregnant woman
Ashton criticised Israeli plans to build more than 900 homes in east Jerusalem, saying they represent an obstacle to peace
Calls are growing for a renegotiation of Egypt's gas export agreements, but analysts say a long-term lack of transparency might hamper quick reform
Oil hit a 32-month high near $125 on Friday after attacks on Libyan oil fields raised the prospect of long-term supply cuts, with commodities in general rising on optimism global economic recovery will fuel demand
Facing corruption charges, the giant real estate developer Palm Hills, in which one Mubarak son is involved, has had a major land contract canceled by the governmental New Urban Communities Authority
Egypt's filmmakers are thronging to record the manifold stories of the Egyptian revolution on celluloid
Souk El Horreya seems like another commercial exploitation of the Egyptian revolution. However the exhibition and the graffiti covering the walls, brings back a sense of justice to the revolutionary spirit
This week, Palestinians especially those from the refugee camp of Jenin in the northern West Bank, are mourning the death of peace-activist and theatre director Juliano Mer-Khamis

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