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Democracy and Governance Studies
Democracy and Governance Studies
Practitioners and scholars in fields as diverse as public policy, international development, and security studies increasingly recognize that successful programs in their fields require effective and accountable governance. The Master of Arts in Democracy and Governance at Georgetown University seeks to understand the foundations of democratic and responsive government, how policymakers can create and implement policies to achieve these objectives, and prepares students for both careers and further study in these areas.
Situated in Washington, D.C., the multi-disciplinary degree is uniquely capable of teaching students how to transform theories of democracy and accountable government into effective programs. The program offers students the opportunity to combine courses taught by leading scholars and practitioners with jobs and internships in the sector.
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The Icesave Referendum
April 08, 2011
Technology and New Media in International Conflict
April 04, 2011
Our Love of Polarized Politics
April 02, 2011
GeorgetownDG: The Icesave Referendum: Junk bonds vs unearned debt http://fb.me/wVqyomV2
April 08, 2011
GeorgetownDG: Egyptian Government to Introduce E-Voting System, Ensure Future Allegations of Fraud http://fb.me/QvXk2UWl
April 07, 2011
GeorgetownDG: RT @EthanZ: Elderly Georgian woman scavenging for copper takes Armenia offline for 28 hours. Ah, internet robustness: http://bbc.in/hbsYPO
April 07, 2011
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