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Vegetarian diet linked to a reduced cataract risk
Studies indicate that certain nutrients in plant foods could be a prominent factor in lowering the high occurrence of cataracts
Report: Pain killers lower colon cancer
Regular use of painkillers like aspirin or ibuprofen may reduce the risk of developing colon or rectal cancers
Income loss linked to mental disorder
People have suffered a drop in income are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety disorders and drug abuse
Working long houres? watch out for your heart
People who regularly work long hours may be significantly increasing their risk of developing heart disease, the world's biggest killer
Evidence lacking for most autism treatments
When it comes to treating autism, there are still more questions than answers
Hearing loss in elderly linked to dementia: study
A study shows that elderly people suffering with hearing loss are more likely to develop dementia
Consumer group urges ban on food dyes
The color dyes used to brighten cereals, snacks and drinks help make some children hyperactive and should be banned or at least carry a warning
Parents of twins slightly more likely to divorce
Parents of twins may be slightly more likely to get divorced than parents without twins, according to a new study
Can Family Medicine save patients' time, money and effort?
Although Family Medicine is regarded as vital throughout the world, it has been significantly overlooked in Egypt in the past. Ahram Online looks in depth into the importance of this sector of medicine  
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Warnings linking Facebook use and teen depression
Add "Facebook depression" to potential harms linked with social media, an influential doctors' group warns, referring to a condition it says may affect troubled teens who obsess over the online site

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The hidden poison in Chinese food
With Chinese food on the rise all over the world, consider the risks of the industry's favourite ingredient, MSG: food expert speaks to Ahram Online

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Texas man gets first full face transplant in US
A break through for those in need of a more than just plastic surgery.

Protecting your home: the balance between paranoia and negligence
Although security may be back on track, it is too soon to let down your guard

Aspirin, other meds linked to stomach bleeding
People taking low doses of aspirin to protect their heart may be at risk for stomach bleeding, and those taking both aspirin and other common drugs may have an even higher risk

Are you ready to party?
Say goodbye to 2010 in style in these New Year's Eve party dresses

Fashion changes too fast these days: Pierre Cardin
Today's fashion designers change styles much too fast, partly due to twice-yearly collections, making it harder to create couture that lasts for years, designer Pierre Cardin said

Honeysuckle is the colour for 2011!!
The reddish pink shade lights a fire to your senses

Experience Kempinski's luxurious "Floor 10" dishes at home
Kempinski Nile Hotel's executive chef Holger Jackisch presents a delightful three course meal.

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