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20 Nov 2010 - 25 Feb 2015
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Georgetown University thanks the following for their generous time and support in ensuring the success of John Carroll Weekend 2011:
    University Circle Sponsors
Gordon (B'79) and Kristin (L'86) Dean
Doug (B'93) and Michele Dillard
Georgetown University Alumni Association
Jennifer Carrico and Chris Kelly (C'91)
Ludus Athletics
Amy J. Rao (Parent'13)

Blue and Gray Sponsors
Mary Taylor Behrens (C'83) and Chris Behrens
Eric Choi (F'93)
Rebecca and John "Bud" (F'76) Colligan (Parents'07, '14)
Egon (B'95) and Abby Durban
Barb Ellis Jones (C'74)
Mark and Liz Vorsatz (Parents'14)
Elizabeth Wieser (C'86, L'92) and Philip Inglima (C'84, L'88)
Cynthia Weldon (F’88) and Jamie O’Hara (C'88, L'92)
John Wood (B'85)
Don (F'68) and Mary Beth Woods (Parents'96,'00,'10)

Archbishop Carroll Sponsors
Neil (B'90) and Rona Ashe
Kirk and Sue Bostrom (Parents’12)
John (C'92) and Lindsey Bruel
George and Judy Marcus (Parents'91)
Erin (C'91) and Matthew Niehaus
Ruth Porat and Anthony Paduano (C'79)
Sheherazade Semsar-de Boisséson (F'90, MSFS'90) and Laurent de Boisséson
Claire (C'92) and John (C'92) Sheehan
Three Monkeys Wine

Patrick Healy Sponsors
Robert Batinovich (Friend)
Rich (B'86) and Brenda Battista
Paul (F'69, L'72) and Caroline Besozzi (Parents'05)
Judy Donahue (F'78) and Bruce Lafranchi (Parents'09)
Susan and Philip (C'68) Marineau (Parents'98)
Scott Morse (F'74, MSFS'83)
William Rich (C'68, M'72, R'76, Parent'94)

William Gaston Sponsors
Durga Bobba (MBA'96)
R. Bocken (F'43)
Mary Beth Connell, M.D. (M'89) and Marc Connell, M.D. (C'80, G'83, M'86, R'92)
Paul (C'62, L'65) and Juanita (N'64) Cullen (Parents'93, '98)
D.R. (C'90) and Sarah Doll
John (C'59) and Brenda Geishecker (Parents'95)
Takeshi Hara (S'96)
Alan (C'82, M'87) and Kathleen (N'83) Leahey (Parents'10, '11, '14)
Mark McAuliffe (B'84)
Edward (C'68, L'71) and Christina McManimon (Parents'92, '94)
Liberty Mutual
Francis Palumbo (C'68, M'72, R'75)
Timothy Preece (F'51)
Francis Previti, M.D. (C'69, R'79) and Maureen Previti (Parents'06, '08, '09)
Joe (C'73) and Peggy Toce (Parents'02,'05,10)

Hilltop Sponsors
Hilary Callan (SLL'90)
Don Casper (C'70, L'77)
Ebert Stern Investigations, Inc. and Lisa Stern (MBA '88)
Jane Hopkins Carey (C'79) and John Carey (C'78, L'83) (Parents'10, '12)
Joseph DeStefano, M.D. (C'65, M'69, R'72) and Rita DeStefano (Parents'92, '95)
John (C'88) and Meghan (C'88, L'92) DiPasquale
Joseph (C'68, L'76) and Carol Dowley (Parents'03, '06)
John Gatti, M.D. (M'78) and Margaret Gatti (Parents'10,'11)
Lisa (SLL'75) and Fernando Gentil Sr. (Parents'09, '12)
Gail Griffith (F'72, S'81)
Joanne (N'72) and Joe (B'71, L'74) Guarriello
Deborah (F'71) and Richard (F'71) Hluchan (Parents'08, '09)
Kurt (C'83, MBA'89, L'89) and Pam Kaull
Annamarie and Bill (C'68, M'72, R'74, W'76) Licamele (Parents'01, '04, '07)
Sara (B'87) and Rob Lundgren
Daniel MacDonald (C'98)
Frances McCabe (C'84, G'86) and Neal Peeples
John J. McDonald (F’88, L’93) and Jenny W. Pearlman (F'87, L'92)
Susan Nasca (B'90)
D. Hunter Smith (C'88)
Marc Sulam (B'84)
John (F'68) and Bobbie Wilson (Parents'99)
Marcia Wiss (F'69, L'72, Parent'10)
Regina (B'68) and Steve Wolfe (F'67)
Ariane (C'98) and Charles Zewe III
Volunteer Leadership Team
    John Carroll Weekend Chair
Paul Pelosi (F’62, Parent’88, ’89, ’91)

John Carroll Weekend Planning Committee
Neil Ashe (B’90)
Richard Battista (B’86)
Durga Prasad Bobba (MBA’96)
Maureen Rutter Brown (C’81, Parent’14)
Hilary Callan (I’90)
John “Bud” Colligan (F’76, Parent’07, ’14)
Lauren Cochran (B’03)
Justin Dickerson (F’06)
Doug Dillard (B’93)
Karin Flood Eklund (C’90)
Lynn Fritz (C'64, Parent'98, '11)
J. Richard Fredericks (B’68, Parent’07, ’09)
Christopher M. Kelly (C’91)
Philip A. Marineau (C’68)
Jack McDonald (F’88, L’93)
Drew McGowan (B’95)
Amy J. Rao (Parent’13)
Regina Scully (I’85)
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