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Egypt at a crossroads; where does the Muslim Brotherhood stand?
Emad Gad

Given everything Egypt has been through, can the Muslim Brotherhood continue to imagine that it can direct the Egyptian Revolution to its benefit?

How to help Libya
Lisa Anderson

There is a lot of know-how in the world about the challenges Libya will face in the future, and help must come from those with no second agendas

Egypt’s two public spheres
Ibrahim El-Houdaiby

The ousted regime pitted secular forces against Islamist currents; the future should be built on a model of inclusivity, not division

Destroying shrines, destroying Egypt
Abdel Moneim Said

The reappearance of radical Islamism in Egypt is a grave development that could undermine the youth revolution

Brotherhood youth push for reform against blind obedience
Karem Yehia

By questioning the group’s conservative and secretive nature, the youth branch of the Brotherhood are bringing the revolution to bear on the political scene in Egypt

Egypt: Who is afraid of the Salafis?
Gamal Abdel-Gawad

Liberated from fear of the old regime, there is a new current to fear in post-revolutionary Egypt

Revolution and beyond
Abdel Moneim Said

Revolutions, by nature, are explosive things. Failure to negotiate and meet the demands of the present could lead Egypt into a period of worse turmoil and possible war

Revolution and Egypt’s Pandora’s box
Hassan Abou Taleb

The future has opened up in Egypt, which could give rise to dreams or nightmares


Gamal Abdel-Gawad

Towards a new political schooling in Egypt
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