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28 Jan 2008 - 09 Jun 2010
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Program Objectives
The African American Studies Program is consistent with the mission of Georgetown University as the Program seeks through its "commitment to justice and the common good" to engender "serious and sustained discourse among people of different faiths, cultures, and beliefs [in order to promote] intellectual, ethical, and spiritual understanding," particularly concerning African Americans in the United States. A minor in African American Studies allows undergraduate students at Georgetown University to examine from numerous disciplinary perspectives the experiences and contributions of people of African descent in the United States. The minor  also affords students the opportunity to broaden their academic experience by studying the historical, cultural, economic, political, religious, literary, and social contributions and developments of African Americans. The minor's interdisciplinary methodology encourages students to make connections and think critically and creatively across traditional disciplinary boundaries. Through its rigorous academic offerings, the minor helps to prepare students for entry into an increasingly diverse work force and a society where diversity is a valuable resource.

The Program is open to all undergraduate Georgetown University students, especially those students interested in pluralism, social justice and diversity. The Program is especially appropriate for students who desire to integrate course work in the humanities and the social sciences as well as for students preparing to work and to interact with diverse communities and cultures in the United States and abroad in such fields as education, business, government, journalism, health care, law and public policy.
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