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Ancient Egypt
The search for gold in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Zahi Hawass speaks on what he saw when he returned for a more thorough look at the Cairo Museum after the initial break-in during the revolution  
Resistance to UNESCO visit to Egypt to save artefacts
A UNESCO delegate is set to visit Egypt to help recuperate looted ancient artefacts post-revolution, but there is no Egyptian antiquities minister, and to boot the delegate faces scepticism of 'antiquities colonisation'

UNESCO delegation to visit Egypt next week
Following recent looting attempts on several archaeological sites, a UNESCO delegation is to tour Egypt to check the status of its world heritage stock

Egyptian museum wants its land back from ex-ruling NDP
The director of the Egyptian museum is asking for the return of the land of the formerly ruling National Democratic Party’s main headquarters to its original owner, the museum

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Hawass denies involvement in antiquities theft
Zahi Hawass, the former minister of state for antiquities affairs rejects all accusations against him and asserts that they are unfounded

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Egypt's antiquities moved for fear of looting
The antiquities collection at the Qantara East storehouse has been transported to the Cairo Museum after thefts

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