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10 April 2011
Army Shootings Against Civilians a Dangerous Precedent for Which There Must be Accountability... A Joint Human Rights Report on the April 9 Attack in Tahrir Square
The signatory human rights organizations to this report strongly condemn the Egyptian army’s use of firearms against protestors in Tahrir square and its surrounding areas during the early hours of April 9th.

19 April 2011
EIPR/NALI Workshop Participants Reflect on the Role of the African Human Rights System in Recent Uprisings

31 March 2011
Letter from Human Rights NGOs to Officials on Security and Health Situation in Egyptian Prisons

31 March 2011
Libya: African Rights Court Issues First Ruling Against a State... Libya Ordered Immediately to End Threats to Life, People’s Security

20 March 2011
Commentary from Egyptian Human Rights Organizations on the Interview with Major General Hamdy Badeen Military Police Commander in the Egyptian El Shorouk Newspaper
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Law Combating Trafficking in Persons: A Welcome Step that Requires Careful Implementation
Two Years of Sectarian Violence: What happened? Where do we begin? An Analytical Study of Jan 2008 -Jan 2010
Organ Transplant Legislation: From Trade to Donation
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Reports and Studies
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