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Street Smart: Souq El Azbakeya, a haven for book lovers
Ahram Online re-visits the history of the oldest cultural centre in Egypt
Street Smart : Support Tourism in Egypt
The Support Tourism in Egypt initiative is the brainchild of Mahmoud Saad, a young Egyptian photographer whose aim is to revive and promote tourism in Egypt, through organised walks that roam the heart of Cairo
Street Smart: Alexandria - the 'Bride of the Mediterranean' (1)
Built by Alexander the Great in 331 BC the city became the capital of Greco-Roman Egypt. This is the first of many walks in the "city that never sleeps". We started on a long walk along the corniche
Gaza Monologues in Rawabet
Egypt's oldest independent theatre troupe recites the words of Gaza's youth under attack
Street Smart: El-Faggala sings and tells her stories
At the premises of El-Nahda Culture and Scientific Renaissance Association, a selection of personal old photographs with audio-recorded memories that plays throughout the exhibition is on display
Street smart : Berket El-Feel
A video quest in the heart of Cairo, unfolding the social history of Berket El-Feel area, part of El-Saida Zeinab district
Folk Hero series: Zat Al-Hemma
This is the only complete oral history of an Arab folk heroine, beginning with her birth and ending with her death  
Folk Hero series: Ali al-Zeibaq
One of the best-known tales of street-wise tricksters in popular literature, the story of Ali al-Zeibaq, or Ali the Mercury Man, unfolds in the ninth or tenth century

Big night of the moulid of El-Hussein today
Three nights of festivities to mark the Prophet's grandson's birthday climax tonight at El-Hussein mosque in Islamic Cairo

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Folk Arts: Stories of Faggala
Yesterday, Stories of Faggala, a documentary film about one of Egypt's oldest districts, was featured at the opening of the American University in Cairo's documentary festival, held from Sunday March 20 to Saturday March 26

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Folk arts: Rocks and ballots at Darb 1718
At Darb 1718, a whole wall is draped with posters taken straight from Tahrir Square, and include witticisms and loud calls for the president’s departure

Street Smart: If lions could speak
As Egyptians rewrite their own history, the four guards of the Qasr el Nil bridge in downtown Cairo remain downtown Cairo’s most constant eyewitnesses

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