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Tragic love story on stage at AUC
On Wednesday 6 April, the American University in Cairo (AUC) brings to the stage one of modern Egypt's most provocative and uncompromising authors, Naguib Surur, in its upcoming production of the play 'Menien Aguib Naas'
'Solitaire' at the Rawabet Theatre
Rawabet Theatre features 'Solitaire' by Sabeel for Arts, written and directed by Dalia Basiouny
Riff Band celebrates Mother's Day with activities for children
The Riff Band, an Egyptian jazz band, celebrates Mother's Day at Collage De La Salle this Friday, 18 March
Folk: The Choir Project at Darb1718
On Saturday 12 March once again the Choir Project invites people from all walks of life to put their hopes and concerns, their feelings and thoughts, their jokes and woes into song
Former minister of culture faces corruption investigation
The former minister of culture Farouk Hosni has been forbidden to travel abroad until the allegations against him are investigated
Mohamed El Sawy appointed minister of culture
Cultural entrepreneur had preferred to remain a 'normal Egyptian'
Gaber Asfour, new Minister of Culture, resigns
Newly-appointed Minister of Culture Gaber Asfour, who replaced long-serving Farouk Hosni in the new cabinet formed on 31 January, has resigned
Another performance of Going to the Neighbours' House
A play that raises awareness of the issues of refugees in Egypt will be performed again at El Sawy Culturewheel
Egyptians celebrate the revolution with street art
While many art institutions are capitalizing on the revolution, it seems that genuine art is out in the streets  
Remembering Juliano Mer-Khamis
This week, Palestinians especially those from the refugee camp of Jenin in the northern West Bank, are mourning the death of peace-activist and theatre director Juliano Mer-Khamis

'A Day For Home' festival supports national unity in Egypt
On 1 April hundreds of Egyptians gathered to support national unity in the 'A Day For Home' festival organised in Khaleel Hamada street in Alexandria, between Two Saints church and Shark Al Madina mosque

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Al Sameteen: the extra-special silent theatre group
The incredible Al Sameteen group will be honoured at the Talaat Harb Cultural Centre. The event will conclude with one of their amazing performances

Egypt's minister of culture speaks of hopes and plans for the ministry
Emad Abou-Ghazi's appointment as the new minister of culture comes at a time when long-hidden conflicts are coming to the surface, but he has hopes and plans for fixing the ministry and reaching out to Egypt

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Project yourself – Express your heart out
Long before the revolution was calling for liberty, 'Project yourself' was doing their part for the freedom of self-expression by offering up and coming artists a chance to be seen and heard

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