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12 Sep 2009 - 20 Nov 2013
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Middle East Conferences 2008
Rabat, Morocco Conference:
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Cairo, Egypt Conference:
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Amman, Jordan Conference:
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In spring 2007, AID and POMED brought together 152 young Americans and MENA citizens (ages 18-28) in Rabat, Cairo and Amman to discuss democratization in the Middle East and the U.S. role in that process. Click here for more information.
Young Global Leaders Forum:
Democratic Development in the Middle East and North Africa
In Spring 2008, the Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED) joined with Americans for Informed Democracy (AID) and five regional partners to convene conferences in Jordan, Egypt and Morocco. Bringing together 150 young Americans and Middle Easterners, the conferences provided a forum for participants to discuss America’s impact on political reform in the region. Participants investigated this issue through panels and discussions on the U.S.-Middle East relationship, consequences of American policies in the Middle East, and how the U.S. could better support democratization in the region. Participants also jointly developed, debated and ratified policy recommendations for the U.S. government, regional governments, media and civil society organizations.
An open forum for young Americans and Middle Easterners, the conference offered an excellent opportunity for youth to directly engage consider and debate U.S. democracy promotion strategy, and also, a medium for young Middle Easterners to express their hopes and ambitions for political reform in their countries. The conferences included thematic panel discussions featuring regional experts, small group discussions to formulate policy recommendations, and a general session to debate, ratify and vote on the recommendations.
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The three conferences had about 150 Middle Eastern and American students and young professionals, between the ages of 21 and 28. The participants of the conference came from a wide variety of backgrounds, including students from Ain Shams University in Egypt; University in Amman in Jordan; Al Azhar University in Egypt; Al Akhawayn University in Morocco; and the London School of Economics. American students from Ithaca College, Colby College, the University of South California, and Swarthmore College also took part in the conferences. The participants also included Fulbright Fellows, civil society activists, journalists, young professionals, a district attorney from the Egyptian Ministry of Justice, and emerging leaders in political parties.
The three conferences were intended to foster a dialogue between Americans and Middle Easterners about how the U.S. can better support political reform in the region. The conferences offered a range of expert keynote addresses, panels, debates, and small-group discussion among the young professionals/students and senior representatives of the public policy sphere. Perhaps most important for the young participants, was the opportunity to draft concluding policy recommendations: on key domestic and foreign policy objectives to promote sound U.S. policies and national policies to strengthen and enhance democratic institutions, rule of law, and individual freedom.
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