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How do you get into broadcast journalism?
by Jonathan Baker
You suspect you're heading towards the end of your career when you're asked to advise others on how to start theirs. This week I was a member of a panel taking part in a live Q&A on the Guardian Careers...

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Ten years on from the 'storming' of Russia's NTV
by Stephen Ennis
Russian media watchers marked a grim anniversary last week. Ten years ago, on 14 April 2001, security guards and police acting on behalf of the...

Fine judgment between showing suffering and sugarcoating an image
by Fiona Anderson
The photographer Marcus Bleasdale deserves praise for his persistence in drawing the West's attention back to places and people many would rather forget. He has spent...

Obama meets his Facebook Friends
by Charles Miller

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Video: How to Make a Documentary
Producing and directing a documentary is a bit like conducting an orchestra or being a circus ringmaster, says Martin Small.

You don't necessarily do much yourself but "your job is to get the best out of the people you're working with".

Video: The Future of Arab State Media
Watch a Frontline Club discussion examining the future role, if any, that state media can play in the Middle East and North Africa when power shifts.

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