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About Google News AJAX Search API
The Google News AJAX Search API is a Javascript library designed to make it easier for webmasters and developers to add dynamic Google News search results to their web page or blog.

The Google NewsShow is a Google News-based element for the Google Search API. You can use Google NewsShow to embed a customized news slideshow on your page or blog, showing headlines and previews of Google News search results. Here is an example of the NewsShow in action:

Add the above NewsShow to your site by embedding this code into your site:

A customized NewsShow web element can be easily added to your page using our NewsShow wizard. You can select the size of the frame, the topics, the language, and the number of articles you want to show. After selecting your NewsShow preferences, we'll build the code for you. For more customization, take a look at our documentation.
If you are a webmaster or developer and have questions or feedback on using this and other APIs on your site, please visit the Google AJAX API developer forum.
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