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30 Apr 2011 - 11 Feb 2021
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Any time you're viewing articles on the Google News home page or standard sections, you can find an Email this story link. Click that link and you'll be able to enter your friend's email address, as well as customize the subject and message. Your friend will receive an email including your message and the story cluster (a group of articles around the same story).
If you use Gmail and are signed in to your Google Account, Google News will fill in email addresses from your contacts list as you begin to type them.
Google News takes the nickname setting from your Google Account and uses that as the sender's name when sending emails. If you'd like to change this name, log in to your Google Account and edit your personal information. Make sure you update the nickname specifically, and not just the first and last names.
The return address on emails sent from the Email this story feature is always the primary email address on your Google Account. Secondary email addresses or custom reply-to addresses are not supported.
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