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30 Apr 2011
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How it Works: Languages and regions
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We have more than 60 regional editions of Google News in many different languages. To change editions when you're on the Google News homepage, simply select your preferred edition from the drop down menu at the top of the page.
Each edition is specifically tailored with news for that audience, and a full list of available editions can be found below. If we haven't included the region or language you're looking for, check back soon. Our goal is to offer Google News to all of our users throughout the world, so you can expect to see lots of additions over time.
Australia - India -​Indonesia - Israel -Malaysia -New Zealand -Pakistan - Philippines -​Singapore -العالم العربي (Arab world) -الإمارات (UAE) -لبنان (Lebanon) -السعودية (KSA) -中国版 (China) -香港版 (Hong Kong) -भारत (India) -​தமிழ்(India) -​മലയാളം (India) -​తెలుగు (India) -ישראל (Israel) -日本 (Japan) -한국 (Korea) -台灣版 (Taiwan) -ไทย (Thailand) - Việt Nam (Vietnam)‎
Europe & Africa:
België - Belgique -​Botswana -Česká republika -​Deutschland -España - Ethiopia -France - Ghana -Ireland - Italia -Kenya -​Magyarország -Namibia - Nederland -Nigeria - Norge -​Österreich - Polska -Portugal - Schweiz -Sénégal -South Africa - Suisse -Sverige - Tanzania -Türkiye - Uganda -U.K. - Zimbabwe -مصر (Egypt) -Ελλάδα (Greece) -Россия (Russia) -Украина (Ukraine) -Україна (Ukraine)
North & South America:
Argentina - Brasil -Canada English -Canada Français -Chile - Colombia -Cuba -Estados Unidos -México - Perú - U.S. -​Venezuela
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