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20 Feb 2011 - 10 Jun 2021
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Features: Personalizing Google News
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Google News aims to surface the most relevant, useful news for you. We customize your news based on the following factors:
Manual preferences
You can manually control many elements of Google News. The central place for your customization settings can be found in the News for you box, which you can adjust by following these steps:
Our Help Center also has specific suggestions for setting your Source Preferences, adding Custom Sections and specifying your preferred language and country for Google News.
Google News has a local news section for you based on your location. You can see this section in a box in the side column.
You can change your location in Google News by following these steps:
Web History
If you are signed into your Google Account and have Web History enabled, your News experience is automatically customized to show you the most relevant and interesting articles for you, based on what you've previously clicked on. Learn about using Web History.
Your web history changes your Google News experience in two ways:
  1. The ordering of the stories you see is automatically updated to show more articles that correspond with your interests.
  2. If your web history has enough recorded clicks, you may see Recommended Sections in the side column. This gadget suggests custom sections that you might enjoy adding to your homepage. To dismiss a recommendation, click its trash icon.
Turning Off Personalization
If you don’t want to see personalized news, you can:
If you have any questions about Google and user privacy, please review our Privacy Policy or feel free to contact us.
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