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Tuesday, April 19, 2011 | 6:37 p.m. EST
Recent News
April 18, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (4/18/11)
April 17, 2011Saudi delegation attends global economic meetings in Washington
April 16, 2011Chief of General Staff receives head of U.S. Central Command
April 16, 2011King Abdullah receives telephone call from U.S. President
April 15, 2011Border Guard killed in clash with infiltrators
April 15, 2011More than 200,000 people visit Al-Janadriyah Festival on opening day
April 14, 2011Funeral prayers performed for Princess Saita bint Abdulaziz
April 13, 2011President Obama receives OIC Secretary General
April 13, 2011King Abdullah opens 26th Janadriyah Festival
April 12, 2011King Abdullah receives message from U.S. President
April 11, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
April 11, 2011GCC invites Yemeni parties to meet in the Kingdom
April 11, 2011Arab League Council demands no-fly zone over Gaza
April 8, 2011Royal order appoints Dr. Saeed Al-Omer Rector of Northern Borders University
April 8, 2011Majlis Al-Shoura delegation meets National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations
April 7, 2011Shoura Council delegation meets members of U.S. Congress
April 7, 2011Shoura Council delegation meets members of U.S. Senate
April 6, 2011King Abdullah receives U.S. Secretary of Defense
April 6, 2011Minister of Finance signs agreement to fund power plant in Syria
April 6, 2011Arab Finance Ministers Council holds meeting in Syria
April 5, 2011Ambassador Al-Jubeir meets with Majlis Al-Shoura delegation
April 5, 2011Saudi ambassador to Haiti presented credentials to the President
April 5, 2011OIC condemns Israeli settlement expansion in Jerusalem
April 5, 2011King Abdullah to attend Jenadriyah opening ceremony
April 4, 2011Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (4/4/11)
April 4, 2011Majlis Al-Shoura denounces Iranian statement
April 3, 2011GCC Foreign Ministers condemn Iranian interference
April 2, 2011Royal order extends services of Makkah and Asir Governors
April 2, 2011BIP: 5,080 people investigated or prosecuted for terrorist crimes
April 1, 2011Shoura Council begins U.S. visit tomorrow
April 1, 2011Prince Nayef leaves the Kingdom on a private trip
March 31, 2011Saudi researchers identify genes linked to colorectal carcinoma
March 30, 2011King Abdullah contacts Jordanian King
March 30, 2011Foreign Ministry denies media reports
March 29, 2011King Abdullah calls Syrian President
March 29, 2011Indian Prime Minister meets Secretary General of NSC
March 28, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (3/28/11)
March 27, 2011Prince Saud Al-Faisal leaves Cairo
March 27, 2011Pakistani Prime Minister receives Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz
March 25, 2011Princess Mashael wins U.N. Water for Life Award
March 25, 2011Royal order establishes Ministry of Housing
March 25, 2011Russian President receives Minister of Foreign Affairs
March 25, 2011Minister of Foreign Affairs arrives in Cairo
March 24, 2011King Abdullah speaks to Bahraini, Lebanese leaders
March 24, 2011Saudi Embassy in Tokyo issues travel advisory
March 24, 2011Arab financed road in central Mauritania opens
March 23, 2011Prince Saud Al-Faisal meets with British Prime Minister
March 22, 2011Saudi Electricity Company and Bank of America officials hold press conference
March 21, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
March 21, 2011Saudi Arabia condemns attacks against its diplomatic missions in Iran
March 20, 2011Dr. Faisal Al-Soqair appointed President of General Authority of Civil Aviation
March 20, 2011King Abdullah receives telephone call from Spanish King
March 20, 2011Turkish Prime Minister visits Kingdom, lauds bilateral relations
March 18, 2011Algerian conjoined twins successfully separated
March 18, 2011King Abdullah addresses Saudi people, issues royal decrees
March 18, 2011Turkey’s President receives Prince Saud Al-Faisal
March 17, 2011King Abdullah to address nation on Friday
March 17, 2011Separation surgery of conjoined Algerian twins begins
March 16, 2011King Abdullah receives telephone call from U.S. President
March 16, 2011King Abdullah sends message to Syrian President Al-Assad
March 15, 2011Bahraini King receives Prince Saud Al-Faisal
March 15, 2011Saudi Embassy in Tokyo assists citizens affected by disaster
March 14, 2011Arab Foreign Ministers hold emergency meeting
March 14, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
March 13, 2011Prince Turki addresses meeting on Peace and Dialogue Among Cultures
March 12, 2011King Abdullah offers condolences to Japanese people
March 11, 2011Council of Arab Ministers of Health meets in Beirut
March 10, 2011Conference on promotion of moderation by Arab universities concluded
March 10, 2011GCC Provides $20 billion in support for Bahrain and Oman
March 10, 2011Ambassador meets with prominent Saudi professors of dentistry
March 9, 2011Foreign Minister holds press conference
March 8, 2011GCC foreign ministers call for no-fly zone over Libya
March 7, 2011Senior Scholars Council issues statement
March 7, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
March 6, 2011GCC Financial, Economic Cooperation Committee meets in Riyadh
March 5, 2011Ministry of Interior issues statement on demonstrations
March 4, 2011Algerian conjoined twins arrive in Riyadh
March 3, 2011Saudi-Qatari Coordination Council concludes meeting
March 3, 2011Prince Nayef receives Crown Prince of Bahrain
March 2, 2011Field Marshal Tantawi receives Prince Saud Al-Faisal
March 1, 2011PMU, UCF sign agreement to establish Saudi-American Institute
February 28, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
February 28, 2011Saudi-U.S. military exercises conclude
February 28, 2011Ahmed Kattan named Saudi Ambassador to Egypt
February 28, 2011IDB allocates $250 million to curb poverty and create jobs
February 26, 2011King Abdullah receives phone call from U.N. Secretary General
February 26, 2011Prince Nayef attends Kuwaiti celebrations
February 25, 2011Minister of Health makes statement on King Abdullah’s recovery
February 25, 2011Prince Nayef arrives in Kuwait for anniversary celebrations
February 24, 2011King Abdullah receives phone calls from Arab leaders
February 23, 2011King Abdullah returns home
February 23, 2011Saudi Arabia begins to evacuate its citizens from Libya
February 23, 2011Al-Naimi inaugurates IEF Extraordinary Ministerial Meeting
February 23, 2011King Abdullah announces increased benefits for citizens
February 22, 2011King Abdullah to return home Wednesday, says Royal Court
February 22, 2011OIC strongly condemns use of “excessive force” against civilians in Libya
February 21, 2011Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session
February 21, 2011Royal order extends services of Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah
February 21, 2011Prince Khalid bin Sultan receives Chairman of U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff
February 20, 2011Kingdom stands by Bahrain
February 18, 2011Saudi development bank to be established in Egypt
February 17, 2011Saudi Red Crescent to establish two health clinics in Darfur
February 16, 2011NAUSS organizes international counterterrorism workshop
February 16, 2011King Abdullah phones King of Jordan
February 15, 2011Arab League Council agrees to aid Egypt and Tunisia
February 14, 2011Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session
February 13, 2011Civil Defense issues report on Jeddah floods
February 13, 2011Crown Prince receives Qatari Prime Minister
February 12, 2011Kingdom welcomes peaceful transition of power in Egypt
February 12, 2011Crown Prince receives French Prime Minister
February 11, 2011Saudi-Moroccan Joint Committee concludes meeting
February 10, 2011Arab Parliamentary Union concludes conference in Qatar
February 9, 2011King Abdullah receives phone call from U.S. President
February 9, 2011Royal orders extend service of a number of senior civil servants
February 8, 2011Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives Omani Foreign Minister
February 7, 2011Crown Prince Sultan chairs Cabinet session
February 6, 2011President of Civil Aviation Authority meets U.S. security official
February 5, 2011Royal orders extend services of university directors
February 5, 2011More than 22,000 Saudi citizens leave Egypt
February 4, 2011Border Guard member killed in action in Al-Khoba
February 3, 2011Prince Nayef inspects damage in Jeddah
February 2, 2011Minister of Finance receives U.S. terrorism official
February 2, 2011Prince Salman receives CEO of General Electric
February 2, 2011King Abdullah receives phone calls from British, Bahraini leaders
February 1, 2011Minister Al-Naimi explains oil price volatility
February 1, 2011Minister of Justice receives U.S. religious delegation
January 31, 2011Saudi Embassy in Cairo assists nationals wishing to return home
January 31, 2011Prince Nayef receives CIA Director
January 31, 2011Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session
January 31, 2011Prince Nayef chairs meeting on Jeddah situation
January 30, 2011King Abdullah receives phone call from U.S. President
January 29, 2011King Abdullah makes phone call to Egyptian President
January 28, 2011Rescue operations continue in Jeddah
January 27, 2011Embassy hosts luncheon for Saudi Mayors and Deputy Mayors
January 27, 2011King Abdullah directs authorities to provide assistance to Jeddah Province
January 26, 2011Investments in Saudi Arabia increase exponentially
January 26, 2011Foreign Ministry issues travel warning for Lebanon
January 25, 2011Najran Border Guards foil smuggling of 156 kilograms of hashish
January 25, 2011King Abdullah sends cable of condolences to President of Russia
January 24, 2011Crown Prince Sultan chairs weekly Cabinet meeting
January 22, 2011King Abdullah arrives in Morocco
January 22, 2011Prince Nayef inaugurates Fifth Global Competitiveness Forum
January 21, 2011Prince Saud: Kingdom committed to Lebanon
January 20, 2011Washington Post corrects story on alleged Saudi Arabia funding for terrorists linked to 9-11 attacks
January 19, 2011Arab Economic and Social Development Summit held in Egypt
January 18, 2011King Abdullah receives calls from Italian, German leaders
January 18, 20116th Saudi convoy launched in Pakistan
January 18, 2011King Abdullah interviewed by Al-Seyassah
January 17, 2011Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session
January 17, 2011Saudi Embassy facilitates travel of 217 Saudis from Tunisia to the Kingdom
January 17, 2011Winners announced for 2011 King Faisal International Prize
January 16, 2011Prince Khalid bin Sultan receives Chief of U.S. Naval Operations
January 16, 2011Najran Border Guards foil smuggling attempts
January 15, 2011Zine El Abidine Ben Ali arrives in Saudi Arabia
January 15, 2011Prince Nawaf appointed new General President of Youth Welfare
January 14, 2011King orders treatment of Algerian conjoined twins
January 13, 2011Embassy hosts luncheon for Saudi officials, human rights professionals
January 13, 2011OIC inaugurates construction of 100 housing units in Pakistan
January 13, 2011Saudi, Turkish Foreign Ministers hold joint press conference
January 12, 2011Crown Prince attends foundation stone laying ceremony of King Abdulaziz Airport
January 12, 2011King Abdullah receives U.N. Secretary General
January 11, 2011Crown Prince receives Sudanese Vice President
January 11, 2011King Abdullah, French President Sarkozy meet in New York
January 11, 2011King Abdullah receives telephone call from President Obama
January 10, 2011Crown Prince Sultan chairs Cabinet session
January 10, 2011King Abdullah receives call from Kuwaiti Emir
January 9, 2011Ministry of Interior issues list of wanted terrorists
January 8, 2011King Abdullah, Clinton meet in New York
January 8, 2011Special Criminal Court continues consideration of terrorist cases
January 7, 2011Medical evacuation helicopter crashes
January 6, 2011OIC Secretary General condemns assassination of Punjab Governor
January 5, 2011Crown Prince receives telephone call from Sudanese President
January 4, 2011Saudi Ambassador expresses condolences to Egyptian people following church attack
January 4, 2011Saudi cardiac medical team in Yemen to conduct surgeries
January 3, 2011Crown Prince Sultan chairs Cabinet meeting
January 2, 2011Muslim World League condemns Alexandria church blast as contrary to Islam
January 2, 2011OIC condemns bomb blast in Abuja
January 1, 2011OIC condemns Alexandria terrorist attack
January 1, 2011Kingdom condemns terrorist attacks in Alexandria
January 1, 2011King Abdullah, Crown Prince Sultan condemn terrorist attack in Alexandria
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