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World Health Day: Health is a human right
Curtis Doebbler
Governments have already signed conventions that establish the human right to health; now it is time to put this commitment into practice
How a revolution succeeds
Abdel Moneim Said
For the Egyptian revolution to succeed, a hard look must be taken at the modern world and strategies formulated for how Egypt can catch up with others
Revolutions in the Middle East
Abdel Moneim Said
Egypt and the Middle East will never be the same again, even while history in the making is not finished yet
The symbolic constitutional clash
Gamal Abdel-Gawad
While Egypt appears polarised over the proposed constitutional amendments, the issue of how to reach the future is the issue at stake
Realism and romanticism in the Egyptian revolution
Abdel Moneim Said
Now that the first flush of euphoria has passed, it is time to get down to the hard issues of building a new democratic order
In defence of ordinary justice
Abdel Moneim Said
Calls for swift justice are contrary to the principles for which the Egyptian Revolution was fought
Considerations for a New Egyptian Government - Egypt's Window of Opportunity
Tamer Bahgat and Khalid El-Sherif
In reviewing Egypt's constitutional framework, a crucial distinction should be drawn between liberalisation and democratisation
Egypt: Political parties and partial lists
Abdel Moneim Said
Now is the time to bring the constitution into harmony with relevant legislation and to secure the revival of democracy in Egypt
Ending the Brotherhood anomaly
Khalil Al-Anani
Building a democracy in Egypt will not be possible without engaging the Muslim Brotherhood. But while they are organised, there is no reason to fear a Brotherhood take over
Why does the counter-revolution target women and Copts?
Hala Shukrallah
The timing of the recent violence perpetrated against Egypt’s two most visibly persecuted groups comes as no surprise considering how their rights were abused by the previous regime as way to prop up and legitimize its existence
Sustaining the state versus permanent revolution
Abdel Moneim Said
With ministries and public institutions stormed, it is unclear if the generation of the revolution wants to transform or destroy the state
Military minds and that crucial extra mile
Hani Shukrallah
In a little less than a week, the Egyptian military took some highly significant steps towards meeting the demands of the people. More giant steps need to be taken however before the Egyptian revolution can be fully realized
Revolution in danger
Hassan Abou Taleb

While the people should hold accountable the corrupted of the Mubarak era, also censured should be those who would drive the country to chaos, even in the name of revolution

The US and Arab revolutions
Abdel Moneim Said

The diversity and force of the Arab revolutions sweeping the region cannot be controlled. For the US, the real question is what happens to Israel

Egypt at a crossroads; where does the Muslim Brotherhood stand?
Emad Gad

Given everything Egypt has been through, can the Muslim Brotherhood continue to imagine that it can direct the Egyptian Revolution to its benefit?

How to help Libya
Lisa Anderson

There is a lot of know-how in the world about the challenges Libya will face in the future, and help must come from those with no second agendas

Egypt’s two public spheres
Ibrahim El-Houdaiby

The ousted regime pitted secular forces against Islamist currents; the future should be built on a model of inclusivity, not division

Destroying shrines, destroying Egypt
Abdel Moneim Said

The reappearance of radical Islamism in Egypt is a grave development that could undermine the youth revolution

Brotherhood youth push for reform against blind obedience
Karem Yehia

By questioning the group’s conservative and secretive nature, the youth branch of the Brotherhood are bringing the revolution to bear on the political scene in Egypt

Egypt: Who is afraid of the Salafis?
Gamal Abdel-Gawad

Liberated from fear of the old regime, there is a new current to fear in post-revolutionary Egypt


Gamal Abdel-Gawad

Towards a new political schooling in Egypt
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