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Digital Initiatives
The Times Company is an industry leader in innovation. We were the first among our peers to integrate our print and digital newsrooms. Similarly we were first to integrate our print and digital sales staffs, which gave us a stronger presence in the marketplace and enabled us to develop more focused and creative solutions for our advertisers. We were the first in our industry to create an R&D; group, which has helped drive innovation across the Company by looking at trends in technology and consumer behavior. In turn that has resulted in new products and services and new alliances.
Announcement on Metered Model for NYTimes.com
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Read Q. & A. with Janet L. Robinson and Martin A. Nisenholtz
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Recent projects and announcements:
Real Estate iPhone app
Calorie Count iPhone app
View a comprehensive list of Innovation and Technology at The New York Times Company:
Ad Networks & Alliances
Content Distribution
Digital Journalism
New Products & Technology
Search Enhancements

Ad Networks & Alliances
We are pursuing relationships with leading Web entities.
LinkedIn: In July 2008, NYTimes.com and LinkedIn entered into a strategic relationship that enables NYTimes.com to deliver more relevant and targeted content and ads based upon select data from readers' LinkedIn profiles. Read press release  |  Learn more
Google: The Times Company is among Google's largest content providers. We have deepened this relationship in 2008 with the use of Google technology, including adding a layer on Google Earth that shows NYTimes.com articles, and providing Google Maps in NYTimes.com's travel and real estate sections. Watch Google Maps case study below.

quadrantONE: In February 2008, four media companies, including the Times Company, created a new online sales organization called quadrantONE for premium advertisers seeking high-quality local audiences, dedicated inventory and national reach. The Web sites associated with our New England and Regional Media Groups are participating in this network. Visit Web site  |  Read press release
Yahoo! Consortium: In November 2007, our Regional Media Group entered into a new agreement with Yahoo! to provide advertising and search services to the Group’s Web sites and the Web site of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, which is part of our New England Media Group. As part of the agreement, these sites joined Yahoo!’s Newspaper Consortium. Yahoo! has the ability to sell the Group’s sites’ advertising inventory to national advertising accounts, and the Group’s sites can sell Yahoo!’s local advertising inventory to local accounts. Links from Yahoo! back to our content drive traffic to the Group’s Web sites. In March 2009 The Boston Globe joined the Yahoo! Newspaper Consortium, which now has more than 800 newspapers nationwide.
Monster Alliance: In February 2007, we entered into a strategic alliance with Monster Worldwide, which combines the Times Company’s market-leading Web sites with Monster’s superior technology and expansive database to create co-branded sites targeting both local and national recruitment markets. Read press release
Content Distribution
Web and Broadcast Entities
CNBC: In January 2008, CNBC and The New York Times entered into a digital content sharing agreement in the areas of business and technology, including finance, economics, money management and personal finance. The collaboration broadens the reach of each organization's high-quality newsgathering to viewers, readers and users of the two Web sites, CNBC.com and NYTimes.com. Read press release |  View Times/CNBC interview with Barack Obama
MSNBC: NBC News/msnbc.com and The New York Times are collaborating on coverage of the 2008 presidential election, drawing on both news organizations' strengths in political journalism. In July 2007, the two entities began working together to showcase each other's journalism on their Web sites, in video and in print, and to broaden and deepen their coverage of the campaign for viewers and readers. Read press release  |  View Times/MSNBC Primary Edition  
|  View Times/MSNBC Campaign Edition
Times Widgets: On Dec. 9, 2008, NYTimes.com launched Times Widgets in beta. The platform allows users to create customized widgets using the site's RSS feeds. Read press release  |  Add widget
NYT Crossword Widget on Google: In March 2007, NYTimes.com launched the Classic Crossword Widget, an online product that gives users the ability to personalize their Google homepage with The New York Times crossword puzzle.  The Classic Crossword Widget features a rotating selection from The Times's Classic Crossword Archive of over 1,000 crosswords. Add widget
NYT News Quiz on Facebook: The New York Times News Quiz is part of a larger strategy to deliver content in parts and pieces as widely as possible – through widgets and RSS feeds – for consumption around the Web.

The News Quiz was built by a team in the Times Company's R&D; lab, which works to accelerate the Company’s entrance to new platforms. The development team worked with editorial, product and technology teams at NYTimes.com to create this application. They shared their learnings with others around the Company and, since then, teams at various properties have been working on new widgets. Sign up for the News Quiz
Widgets on Netvibes: Users can create their own New York Times widgets or download widgets created by other users on Netvibes.com.
Social Media Channels
NYTimes.com and LinkedIn: NYTimes.com offers a customized headline feature with the five latest Times articles relevant to LinkedIn members based on their industry. This agreement extends NYTimes.com's advertising targeting capabilities to more readers based on their non-personally identifiable attributes. Learn more  |  Read press release
NYT Profile Page on Facebook: Our goal in creating the Facebook profile page was to engage the large and influential Facebook audience with New York Times content and to encourage these users to be brand stewards of The Times – to "fan" our page and share their interests as reported in The Times with their Facebook friends. We remain one of the top "fanned" companies on Facebook, and we continue to see key engagement metrics grow: more Facebook referrals to NYTimes.com and more Times articles being shared on Facebook. View Facebook page  |  Read press release
The Times Company on Twitter: The New York Times offers news updates on Twitter from the NYTimes.com homepage and various other sections of the site, as well as updates from The New York Times communications team. Also on Twitter, get the latest Boston news with Boston.com on Twitter and get links to headlines from the IHT's homepage.

In 2009 NYTimes.com began aggregating Twitter lists on various topics and to aid readers in finding Times staff and news on Twitter. View Lists
NYTimes.com Videos on MySpace: Myspace.com/NYTimes features Times videos on subjects ranging from politics to comedy to food to entertainment.
View Times videos on MySpace
NYTimes.com Videos on YouTube: NYTimes.com YouTube edition features videos from the acclaimed writers, producers and editors of The New York Times.View Times videos on YouTube
We see a future for device-independent media, with convergence around the user experience and not any particular delivery platform. Developing services that allow users to access content whenever they want, wherever they are and on whichever device they choose is an important part of our strategy. We want our readers to have easy access to our award-winning news and opinion, wherever they may be. The Times, the Globe and all of our regional newspapers have mobile sites.
Mobile sites: With The New York Times mobile site experiencing enormous growth, we have sharpened efforts to make full use of this medium. We introduced a number of new products as part of our larger efforts to expand our mobile presence and bring our audience what they're looking for on whatever platform they choose.
In June 2009, NYTimes.com was one of the first publishers to launch an app on the new Palm Pre phone. The Times team developed the Pre beta app internally and worked closely with Palm to tailor it to the Web OS environment. The app offers sections and articles with photos, and the tool bar disappears to give maximum canvas for content. Palm Pre app FAQ's
In July 2008 the Company released the NYTimes.com iPhone application, which gives readers offline reading capabilities, a photo browser tool with links to related articles, landscape article views and personalization options for the iPhone and iPod touch models. Read press release | Watch AppVee video review of NYTimes.com iPhone app. In March 2009 NYTimes.com's iPhone application won the Best Mobile News Application in the first ever Mobie Awards.
In March 2010, NYTimes.com launched a Real Estate iPhone app which integrates key information and features of the Web site while giving users the ability to seamlessly view saved listings and searches while on the go. iPhone app users can locate properties nearby using the GPS function; view search results on a map and get directions; and personalize listings directly from the app by uploading private notes and photos. Read press release
Calorie Count Mobile, which provides users with the opportunity to maintain their existing diet goals on the go--offering access to information on foods, calories, serving size and nutrition grades--launched in April 2008. Read press release
In April 2010 Calorie Count launched an application for iPhone, allowing iPhone and iPod touch users to search and log nutritional data for over 100,000 foods, popular exercises and healthy recipes, as well as track their weight-loss, all while on the go. Read press release
In January 2008, The Times launched a text messaging service that delivers breaking news, features and columns from the newspaper as well as features from The Times Magazine to cell phones and mobile devices. Read press release
In the third quarter of 2007, The Times rolled out new mobile applications for stock quotes, movie times and real estate listings on NYTimes.com. The real estate product allows readers to receive and send detailed property listings on their mobile devices, regardless of whether their property search began in print, online, or on The Times mobile real estate site.
SHIFD: ShifD, an application that provides users with the capability to seamlessly shift content between their computers and mobile devices, launched in beta in February 2008. Download ShifD
ShifD eliminates the need to separately save certain information to both a computer and a mobile device. Users can update information from any Web browser, by text message from a mobile phone, through a mobile Web browser or by using the downloadable application on Adobe(R) AIR(TM). Information added through any of the various methods is saved to the user's ShifD account and automatically updated on all devices.
This application was conceived by two members of the Times Company R&D; team at the 2007 Yahoo! BBC Hack Day London competition. It won the competition's award for Best Overall Hack. Visit Web site  |  Read press release  |  View video demo
Digital Journalism
The Times Company is investing in digital journalism, with examples that can be seen across our properties. The recent integration of our print and digital newsrooms has allowed us to build on our news coverage with interactive tools, maps and multimedia features. In January 2009, New York Magazine profiled several members of NYTimes.com's interactive newsroom technologies group, which pairs Web development with reporting, multimedia and graphics. Learn more about our print and digital integration at The Times.
Over the past few years, the Times Company has been undergoing a transformation from a newspaper company to a multi-platform news and information company. Our goal for NYTimes.com is to build a fully interactive news and information platform, achieving sustainable leadership positions in our most profitable content areas, which we call verticals. We have been developing verticals in entertainment, travel, health, real estate, business and technology.
Throughout NYTimes.com we have added more features and functions to enrich our users’ experiences, including comprehensive reference articles, videos, podcasts, slide shows, Web-only columns and interactive tools. In October 2008, NYTimes.com launched a new video platform that introduces video into more sections across the site.  Using a high-definition format, the new video platform includes a wide-screen option, "most-viewed" list and the ability to share videos to a number of social sites. Read press release  |  Watch Beet.TV video about new platform  |  Beet.TV interviews Ann Derry about popularity of The Times's news videos
In March 2010, NYTimes.com launched TimesCast, a daily video report that appears on the NYTimes.com home page at 1 p.m. each day. It features interviews with editors and reporters who are covering the major stories, and scenes from meetings among the paper’s top editors discussing events that might go on the front page. Read press release  |  View TimesCast video archive  |  Beet.TV interviews Ann Derry about TimesCast
Today we have more than 60 active blogs and offer more than 2,500 videos on NYTimes.com. Below are several examples of how we are using digital journalism to enhance our news coverage.
The New York Times Media Group
View the Innovation Showcase, a curated selection of interactives created by The Times newsroom. The site is meant to inspire discussions with advertisers and encourage them to think differently about their brands and how to tell brand stories in a digital format. These interactives demonstrate the next generation of audience engagement on the web.
31 Steps to a Financial Tuneup: An interactive checklist to help readers formulate a financial strategy, providing tips, the time needed to achieve them, and links to additional resources. For each category, Ron Lieber, the Your Money columnist, offers his insights on video.
Health Care Conversations: An interactive feature that enables discussions about various aspects of the health care debate.
Gauging Your Distraction: An interactive feature designed to demonstrate how reaction time while driving is affected by external distractions.
10 Weeks of Financial Turmoil: A timeline of audio slideshows and videos that outlines the events that shook the world's financial system.
One in 8 Million: Multimedia profiles of New York City's unique individuals -- their passions, problems, relationships and routines.
New England Media Group
Ted Kennedy - A Life Remembered: Multimedia obituary of Senator Edward M. Kennedy with photos, video and a timeline of key events in his life.
Globe 10.0: Host Bob Ryan squares off against a fellow pundit from the Globe sports department in a video debate on 10 of the most pertinent local sports questions of the week.
Regional Media Group
IbisEye: An interactive Web site by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune that tracks tropical storms. IbisEye.com was developed from a massive database of past and present storm information, weather-related news and about nine million property records. With that information, users can see projected hurricane paths and estimates of the economic vulnerability of those areas, view maps of at-risk neighborhoods and areas, and see the damage to specific properties.
New Products and Technology
APIs: In October 2008, NYTimes.com began to roll out Application Programming Interfaces (API) that provide outside developers with access to certain NYTimes.com data for use in other applications, interfaces and mashups. As of February 2009, nine APIs have been released, including the Campaign Finance API, the Best Sellers API, the Movie Reviews API and the Article Search API.
Also in February 2009 NYTimes.com hosted its first-ever Times Open event, which brought together industry leaders and developers from across the Web to learn about applications, data resources and the trends that are shaping the future of Web development.Visit Developer Network Site  |   Derek Gottfrid talks to Yahoo! Developer Network about open-source technology at The New York Times
Article Skimmer: First launched in February 2009, Article Skimmer is a new interface that utilizes a grid layout to provide a quick glance of top articles by news category such as "Technology" or "Politics." A new version of the skimmer was released in June 2009 with better navigation, more content and a refined look. Visit Web site | Read more
BlogRunner: Blogrunner.com, a feed aggregator owned by the Times Company, monitors blog postings and the online conversations they inspire. The Technology section on NYTimes.com, which was relaunched in November 2007, fully integrates Blogrunner with a module that features frequently updated links to other sources reporting on technology--both blogs and traditional media publications--chosen by Times editors for their significance. In addition, we have found a way to greatly expand the use of Blogrunner modules on the site's Times Topics pages. Being able to feature dynamically updated commentary from around the Web that is specific to each topic adds a whole new dimension to these pages. Visit Web site  |  Read press release
Epsilen: In September 2007, The Times introduced an online initiative called Epsilen that pairs Times content with faculty course material for both credit-bearing and continuing education courses. This Web platform, which was developed at Indiana University and Purdue University Indianapolis, allows educators to select Times articles, archival content, graphics and multimedia content, including videos and Webcasts, gathered around specific subjects, and make them available to their students. Described by some as an “academic Facebook,” Epsilen also places social and professional networking and ePortfolios at the center of eLearning. Visit Web site  |  Read press release
Kindle: A portable reading device with the ability to download books, newspapers, magazines and blogs. The Times has seen steady subscription growth, and it is the top selling newspaper on the Kindle. The Boston Globe and the International Herald Tribune are also available on the Kindle. Subscribe to Times Company newspapers on your Kindle
In May 2009, with the launch of Kindle DX, Amazon's large screen wireless reading device, The New York Times and The Boston Globe announced plans for a pilot program to offer the Kindle DX at a reduced price to readers who live in areas where home-delivery is not available and who sign up for a long-term subscription to the Kindle edition of the newspapers. Read press release
Newsbooks: Newsbooks, available from The New York Times store, cover eight special sections, including Sleep and Diabetes. The newsbooks, which include links to multimedia on NYTimes.com, are another way to repurpose our content and drive traffic to NYTimes.com.
Times Extra: On December 4, 2008 NYTimes.com announced the beta launch of Times Extra, an alternative view of the home page featuring headlines from third-party sources. Read press release | Learn more
TimesMachine: In May 2008, an innovative archive browser named TimesMachine became available to home-delivery subscribers of The New York Times. In addition to being a fascinating way to browse The Times's public domain archive (1851-1922), TimesMachine was one of our first projects to make creative use of Amazon.com's computing environments, S3 and C2, which allowed us to process and store vast amounts of data on Amazon's servers in the "cloud." Visit Web site
View The TimesTraveler blog, a centennial guide and gateway to the TimesMachine.
TimesPeople: Launched as a private beta in June 2008 and as a public beta in September 2008, TimesPeople is a new way for NYTimes.com users to collect and share their activities, from recommending an article to rating a movie or restaurant to commenting on an article or blog. With TimesPeople you can see what people in your network are sharing by using the TimesPeople expandable tool bar, which appears at the top of each page.
Learn more  |   View interview about TimesPeople
Times Reader: Times Reader, an innovative application that captures the newspaper reading experience onscreen was launched in March 2007. It offers consumers electronic access to The Times and can be read online or offline from any desktop, laptop, tablet PC or ultra-mobile computing device equipped with Windows XP or Windows Vista(1). TimesReader was named one of PC World's 100 Best Products of 2007; it ranked as the 24th Best Product. Learn more  |  Read press release  |  Product manager Robert Larson talks about TimesReader on PBS's Nightly Business Report
In May 2009, Times Reader 2.0 was launched. It is an enhanced version of the digital newspaper reader with online/offline reading capabilities, powered by Adobe® AIR® software, and is available on any computer running Windows, Mac OS or Linux operating systems. Read post on First Look blog.
In December 2009, Times Reader 2.0 won two awards at the Digital Publishing and Advertising awards (DPAC): one in the category of Best Digital Publishing Content Platform and the other for Best Publishing Platform Innovation. Read more
Times Wire: Launched in May 2009, Times Wire is a new way for readers to view the news in a timeline format. It offers a live, reverse chronological feed of New York Times articles and blog posts as they are published online, updating every minute with real time headlines from across NYTimes.com. Read press release
Visualization Lab: The Visualization Lab, based on technology from IBM Research called Many Eyes, allows users to create interactive charts, graphs, maps and other graphical presentations from NYTimes.com data. Visit Visualization Lab
Search Enhancements
Search Engine Optimization: By applying About.com’s expertise in making content more visible to the search engines, we have seen traffic growth at all of our sites. With regard to cost-per-click advertising, it’s about optimizing the design to make the advertisements as relevant as possible to the context of the page. About.com has been in the CPC advertising business since 2001 through a company it created called Sprinks, which was eventually sold to Google in 2003. So About.com was not just involved in the CPC business – it was one of the first to build a sponsored links program specifically geared towards targeting the content on a page as opposed to keyword search results. The About team learned a great deal about contextual advertising with sponsored links and, as a result, About.com has a deep knowledge of how to optimize the large amount of traffic to our sites.
Local Search on Boston.com: In November 2007, Boston.com completed a major redesign to position itself as the source for all things Boston. The goal of the user-driven redesign is to increase the site's engagement with the local audience by making it easy and quick for users to find all the information they want about the Boston region. Another key part of the strategy is a comprehensive local search function that incorporates a wide range of local media and information sources in greater Boston, an expanded database of local events information, multimedia content, and greater access to the archives of The Boston Globe. Visit Web site  |  Read press release

Developer Day
In February 2009 NYTimes.com hosted its first-ever Times Open event, which brought together industry leaders and developers to learn about applications, data resources and the trends shaping the future of Web development.

Times Wire
Times Wire is a new product that offers a live, reverse chronological feed of New York Times articles and blog posts as they are published online, updating every minute with real time headlines from across NYTimes.com.

The Times Company is a founding member of quadrantONE, an alliance of major media companies to deliver premium online positions for national advertisers.

Digital Content Sharing
The Times is working with Web and broadcast entities to share content and broaden the reach of our high-quality news and information.

Times Widgets
Create your own widget using content from NYTimes.com's over 10,000 RSS feeds.

Dedicated Times readers can follow The Times on Twitter for the latest news from their favorite sections.

New York Times Mobile
Get the latest news, blogs, movie showtimes, weather, stocks and real estate listings on your mobile phones. Watch Beet.tv's interview with Rob Samuels about The Times's mobile audience.

Digital Journalism
Toxic Waters, a series about worsening pollution in American waters, presents data in an interactive graphic which can be easily searched by users to identify polluters in their areas.

Technology Blogs at NYTimes.com
NYTimes.com features two blogs about technology; Open is a blog about open source technology at The Times, written by and for developers. First Look is a showcase for new features and services we're developing for NYTimes.com. The First Look blog gives users the opportunity to talk with our editors and developers.

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