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23:11Wounded Ismaily aim to kick-start season under new coach
20:11Egypt’s El-Hodoud claim narrow win in Confederation Cup
17:39Locals in Qena continue protesting against Coptic governor
17:35Syria death toll hits 120 in two days: Report
17:34Beijing detains illegal church members on Easter
17:31Israel destroys spying devices in Gaza
17:30Salfists protest civilian application of Islamic penal code
17:29Assiut residents cut Upper Egypt railway line to protest bread shortage
17:28Salafists to protest court ruling banning niqab during exams
17:25Japan to launch new major tsunami body search
17:22Fans invade pitch in Tunisian league game
16:31Jose expects tough mission when Ahly host ZESCO
15:50Raul set to discuss future with Schalke
15:39ICRC to evacuate over 510 people from Misrata
15:21Marseille's Taiwo faces inquiry for anti-PSG chant
15:18Hunger-striking Serbian opposition leader leaves hospital
13:53More sellers than buyers in Benghazi gold bazaar
13:42Army clash with rebels 'kills 55' in South Sudan
13:41Syria rounds up opponents as protest dead buried
13:41Armed Forces send Easter greetings and reassurances to egypt's Christians
13:37Schalke's Rangnick set to ring changes for United
13:36Egyptians in France demand right to vote
13:36Armenia remembers "genocide" amid impasse with Turkey
13:04Shehata to keep his job even if Egypt does not qualify for ACN, says head of.....
12:50Pope leads Easter Mass in packed Vatican square
12:10France-Italy summit aims to calm immigration row
12:09UN Security Council to keep up pressure on Ivory Coast
12:07Yemen protesters reject president's exit plan
11:15Hanover cry foul over Bayern's Ya Konan interest
11:14Israeli shot dead, four wounded in Nablus

Protests in Syria continue to expand in scope and intensity, despite a fierce clampdown in scenes reminiscent of the Egyptian revolution. What is your position?
Fully support the struggle of the Syrian people, and believe President Bashar Al-Assad should go.
Sympathise with the protesters, but believe they should call for reforms, not the overthrow of the regime.
Sympathise but believe the reforms promised by President Assad are adequate, and protests should be brought to an end.
Fully support President Assad and the nationalist Syrian regime, and believe the protesters are acting in accordance with foreign, anti-Arab agendas.
Don't know.   
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Presidential frontrunners offer symbolic support for Egypt's Copts on Easter
Amr Moussa and Mohamed ElBaradei, the twin front-runners in Egypt's upcoming presidential election, join in giving symbolic support for Egypt's Christians on Easter
Copts welcome Easter amid hope, fear and determination to fight for rights
VIDEO: Egypt's Copts celebrate Easter at rebuilt church
Pope Shenouda III praises revolution, thanks armed forces
Armed Forces send Easter greetings and reassurances to egypt's Christians
Questioning of Mubarak's daughters in law postponed
Due to security concerns, the questioning of Hadi Rasekh and Kadiga El-Gamal, wives to Alaa and Gamal Mubarak, will be put off
Egypt's Prime Minister Sharaf in Riyadh tomorrow
The tour of Gulf states by Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf has again been rescheduled, opening tomorrow
Iconic Omar Effendi chain to return to Egyptian hands
Omar Effendi, the long embattled chain store, appears set to return to Egyptian public ownership after a much-criticised and economically disastrous privatisation attempt
Pope Shenouda III praises revolution, thanks armed forces
The head of the Coptic Church has praised the armed forces for taking swift action to rectify the damage done by sectarian clashes, calling on all Egyptians to adopt the values and unity championed in the revolution
Colorado State University graduate runs for Egypt's presidency
Yasser Qoura, a largely unknown 43-year old civil engineer has announced his candidacy for the forthcoming Egyptian presidential elections
Intensive contacts to convene new Nile Basin meeting
Post-Revolution Egypt is engaged in a concerted effort to repair relations with Nile Basin countries, which had soured badly during the last months of the old regime
Ahram Online's idiot's guide to Egypt's emergent political landscape
The Egyptian revolution has triggered an explosion of new and emerging political parties and movements......
Copts welcome Easter amid hope, fear and determination to fight for rights
In the midst of rising sectarian tensions, some Copts are considering fleeing the country while others.....
What's next for Egypt's economy?
Enhancing economic stability may prove a tougher task than changing the regime
Political Islam refuses to separate politics and religion, which explains why some groups outside of politics are now joining in under its banner
The opening out of democracy will prove a greater challenge to the Muslim Brotherhood than repression
Those who want a secular and civil state should stop playing into the hands of Islamists by following and reacting to their every word and deed
The Spanish writer, who predicted that Egypt would rise up like Tunisia, is effusive in his praise for the efforts made to topple dictators, though challenges lie ahead
The Tahrir Book Fair, open until 3 April, opens today with disappointing turnout, despite being the best opportunity for publishers and booksellers this year
From New York to Tahrir to Alexandria, a joyous journey of rediscovering a collectivity
Ismaily aim to give new coach a winning start, Ittihad to continue their fight against relegation in Monday’s league games
Egypt’s Haras El-Hodoud claim narrow win over DR Congo side Motema Pembe in the African Confederation Cup
A Tunisian league game was called off after fans invaded the pitch in an ugly scene on Sunday
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Three tons of valuables belonging to escaped Egyptian tycoon Hussein Salem, charged with corruption in connection with the export of natural gas to Israel, were confiscated at Cairo Airport yesterday evening
Dozens of leaders of the country's political and revolutionary movements have received invitations to to take part in an unprecedented National Conference aimed at fully realising the aims of the Egyptian revolution
Deposed President Hosni Mubarak could face execution or life imprisonment if convicted of the charges of complicity to murder, corruption and plunder of public money, for which he is currently being investigated
The besieged city of Misrata's humanitarian crisis worsens forcing the International Committee of the Red Cross to evacuate residents to Benghazi
The government crackdown in Syria continues, with security forces arresting activists ahead of funerals to bury protesters killed
Armenia's relations with Turkey remain tainted by a bloody history marked Sunday
Egypt grasps at Sinai and Arab tourism to boost the hard-hit travel sector, including promotion of Ramadan Lanterns arts fest and Guinness world record setter, Hisham Nessim’s climb of Sinai’s highest peak
'Borrowing is the solution for now' says the finance minister as Egypt announces a $2.2 billion World Bank loan, but analysts doubt it alone can alleviate deep-set economic problems
Moody's report on the banking sector is adding to corruption investigation woes, leading investors to retrench in safer stock
EUC gives reason why comedies in Egypt should be revolutionised: the characters are shallow, and stereotypes provide no humour
The film festival, Rencontres de l’image at the French Cultural Centre included a vast number of fascinating short films, documentaries and animations, two of whom, will go on to film fests in Montpellier and Marseille
On 18 April, Cairo Opera House opened the curtain for The Best of Broadway, a compilation of the best scenes on Broadway, which runs for a full week

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