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23:17Egypt U-20 coach confident after World Cup draw
22:10Ahly held by Masry after violent pre-match clashes
18:04Elmohamady aiming for top 10
18:00Thousands of Salafists protest for release of woman allegedly held by Copts
17:14Anderlecht step up the chase for Zamalek’s Shikabala
17:00Seven killed in Iraq after deadly mosque attack
16:24Two dead: Riots errupt in Uganda after brutal arrest
16:17UN rights body split over call for probe in Syria
15:56Four Syrian soldiers killed in Daraa clashes: military
15:06Mass protests erupt across Syria, defying army presence
14:47Jordan rationing electricity after Egypt blast
14:46Syrian army fire warning shots in Deraa
14:23Syrian regime engaged in genocide: Muslim Brotherhood
14:22Explosions, gunfire as battle rages for Missrata airport
14:12Syrian Republican Guards patrol main Damascus road
13:58Bomb blast kills five Algerian community militia
12:34Syria's Assad facing dissent over Deraa crackdown
12:25Yemen's Saleh threatens to quit transition deal
12:23Hamas's Meshaal, Abbas to ink deal on Wednesday
12:14Syria braces for 'day of rage' protests
20:21Tough mission for Ahly against El-Masry
18:25Egypt sending team to help realise Palestinian deal
18:01Prosecutor-general allows judges to investigate corruption cases
17:59PLO, not interim government, will run peace talks: Abbas
17:32Saudi police detain 30 Shiites: activists
17:30Egypt's interest rates unchanged for 13th consecutive time
17:29Arab human rights group condemns case against author of Where is God
17:28Top businessmen accused of shady deal to acquire public land
17:08EU opens anti-trust probe over stay-awake drug
17:02Jordan seeks help after Egypt gas cut

Egypt's prime minister is on a tour of Arab Gulf states. Gulf capitals are reportedly unhappy about Cairo's intention to normalise relations with Iran, and object to the prosecution of Mubarak. What is your position?
Egypt should take into consideration the concerns of the Gulf States, since we are in dire need of their financial assistance.
Egypt should reject any and all attempts by these states to influence its regional, international or domestic policies through offering or withholding financial assistance.
Egypt should take into consideration the Gulf States’ concerns with respect to Iran, but should reject any interference in its domestic affairs, including the prosecution of Mubarak.
Egypt should forge a strategic alliance with Iran, irrespective of the concerns of the Gulf States or any other regional or international party.
I don’t know.   
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New Egyptian independent labour union calls for celebrations in Tahrir
Ridding themselves of Egypt's old regime labour union, a new independent labour union details their next steps, including the Labour Day Tahrir celebration on Sunday
Egypt workers lay down demands at new trade union conference
Suez Canal workers to strike until their demands are met
Textile workers unite to push through Shebin El-Kom demands
The revolution is good but painful, say Egypt's tourism workers
Egypt's microbus drivers protest low bus fares and large fines
Shoot to kill orders recording played as evidence against El-Adly, Cairo
A voice recording is revealed of the former head of Egypt’s central security, giving orders to use live ammunition to kill peaceful protesters in the wake of the revolution
Thousands of Syrians flood streets on 'day of rage'
Thousands of Syrians demand the toppling of regime in mass protests across Syria and pledged support for the city of Deraa where tanks and troops killed tens of peaceful protesters
William and Kate marry as world watches
Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton married at Westminster Abbey in a royal occasion that has attracted a huge global audience
Egypt to throw open Rafah border crossing with Gaza
Egypt's foreign minister says Rafah border crossing will be open permanently to ease the Israeli blockade in Gaza.
Away from Egyptian domestic politics, ElBaradei speaks of IAEA years
The global nuclear non-proliferation regime is failing, says Mohamed ElBaradei in a new book reflecting on his time as head of the IAEA
From liberalisation to self-sufficiency: Egypt charts a new agricultural policy
Self-sufficiency in wheat and subsidies for peasant farmers: a new language being heard at the Ministry of Agriculture
Ahram Online's idiot's guide to Egypt's emergent political landscape
The Egyptian revolution has triggered an explosion of new and emerging political parties and movements......
Egypt's military council to enact new political participation laws
Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is expected to soon ratify amendments to four laws presumably intended.....
What's next for Egypt's economy?
Enhancing economic stability may prove a tougher task than changing the regime
The IMF’s rhetoric may have changed slightly after the global financial crisis, but it remains in practice an arm of Western financial interests
The more Egyptians go to the polls the less seats will go to religious forces in the next parliament
Egypt’s democratic revolution puts it at odds with a theocratic Iran, while the two have differing strategic and economic interests
Juan Goytisolo in Cairo, his 'utopia'
The Spanish writer, who predicted that Egypt would rise up like Tunisia, is effusive in his praise for the efforts made to topple dictators, though challenges lie ahead
The Tahrir Book Fair, open until 3 April, opens today with disappointing turnout, despite being the best opportunity for publishers and booksellers this year
From New York to Tahrir to Alexandria, a joyous journey of rediscovering a collectivity
Egypt coach Diaa El Sayed is ready for the FIFA U-20 World Cup but needs time to study his opponents
Holders Ahly miss out on the chance of closing the gap with league leaders Zamalek after goalless draw with Masry
Sunderland’s Ahmed Elmohamady hopes to help his teammates finish in the top 10 of the English Premier League
Sunday Sufi Chants
Fathi's corner
Ancient festival
Salah Jaheen
Revolutions' poet
Zen in Cairo
Farid Fadel
Here's Cairo
Folk heroes
Ali al-Zeibaq
Stories of revolt
Art Zone
Home for art
Faces of Tahrir
Art for charity
The ordeal of Camilia Shehata, who was believed to have converted to Islam but shut away in a monastery, continues with thousands of Salafists clamouring for her release in front of a Coptic cathedral
Mubarak’s two daughter-in-laws, released today, presented proofs early this morning that they gained their land and business before marrying Egypt’s ousted president’s sons
US state department issues statement permitting non-essential embassy staff and family to return to Egypt and work to continue as normal
Thousands protest across Yemen demanding the immediate resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, only two days before signing the GCC power shift deal
Revolutionaries and forces loyal to Muammer Gaddafi battles over control of a key border post, fighting on both sides of the Libya-Tunisia frontier
The wedding of Prince William and his Kate Middleton begins Friday with huge crowds and a global TV audience watching Britain's biggest royal celebration for three decades
When President Hosni Mubarak was driven from power in February, millions of Egyptians believed the graft and stagnation that blighted his 30-year rule would go too. Two months later, some people are having second thoughts
Self-sufficiency in wheat and subsidies for peasant farmers: a new language being heard at the Ministry of Agriculture
Deposit and overnight lending rates remain the same, and the discount rate is also unchanged
On Monday, 2 May, Egyptian artists, Mahmoud Ibrahim and Mohamed Mekawy will exhibit their works at Isis and Nahdet Misr galleries, respectively
Force Majeure, a performing arts festival, opened yesterday at the Townhouse gallery
Cairo Contemporary Music Days 2011 kicks off today until 3 May, featuring modern classic music concerts and workshops

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