03 May 2011
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Royal wedding: In quotes
29 April 11 10:38 ET

The royal wedding has taken place at Westminster Abbey.
Some 1,900 guests were there to see the couple exchange their vows in person, and many millions watched the event on televisions around the world.
Below are the reactions of some of those who attended the ceremony, plus the thoughts of key commentators.
Prime Minister David Cameron
"We're quite a reserved lot, the British.
But when we go for it, we really go for it."
David and Victoria Beckham
"Today's ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt.
Catherine looked wonderfully elegant, and we were honoured to be part of such a special, historical day for our country.
"We wish Catherine and William much love and happiness for the future."
Earl Spencer, William's uncle
"It was incredibly beautiful wasn't it? Very moving.
The only downside on a perfect day was Diana not being there.
But what a wonderful day, such a celebration."
Boris Johnson, London Mayor
"The bride looked amazing, I think these pictures are going to go around the world and provide a very positive and encouraging image of our country.
I thought it was just fantastic. I was sitting somewhere back there in the nave, and everyone was watching on screens on either side of the walls.
The real moment for me was when the archbishop had done his stuff, and then suddenly in the silence of the abbey you could hear the cheering outside. It was a very moving thing to hear the popular impact of that.
If it made people feel romantic then that can't be a bad thing."
Robert Hardman, Royal expert and author
"It was one of those enchanting moments really.
You just felt a huge great sense of privilege that you were there.
It's got the build up of almost of a family wedding, everyone milling around... everybody waving at each other.
And then suddenly in comes Prince William and Prince Harry, and suddenly there's a sense of here we are, we are watching history.
And from then on in I'm afraid I'm going to have to use a word I have heard all day - sensational."
Wing Cdr Steve Bentley, RAF
"It was a little surreal actually. It was great, great ceremony.
It was quite an informal atmosphere to begin with when people were milling around waiting. Then a beautiful ceremony, it went very well."
Wing Cdr Bentley is a search and rescue colleague of the prince at RAF Valley in Anglesey.
Harold Tillman, chairman of the British Fashion Council
"She is so stunningly beautiful, it's so regal.
It's such understatement that I think it's just perfection.
Everybody is starstruck with her gown."
Harry Meade, a friend of the couple
"It was amazing, particularly the whole atmosphere, the music and seeing all the foreign dignitaries arrive.
William and Kate were looking so happy, and it was incredible being able to hear the roar of the crowds at the key points.
There was so much attention on them, and it was good being able to see them taking it all in their stride."
Ian Thorpe, Olympic medal-winning Australian swimmer
"It was amazing being inside, and being able to hear the crowds at the key moments.
Kate looked great coming down the aisle, she seemed nervous at first but in the end it was so beautiful."
Socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson
"I'm glad I was wearing waterproof mascara. It was absolutely spellbinding.
It makes you very patriotic, and very, very proud.
I think she filled the abbey with her dress."
James Hopkins, a friend of William and Catherine
"They looked amazing. It's just such a happy occasion for everyone in the country and around the world.
I thought the whole thing was absolutely marvellous. The flowers and trees looked incredible."
Fashion writer Robb Young
"There's absolutely no doubt that Kate's dress will be a trend-setter.
It's sleek, understated, flattering, thoroughly modern and romantic, which, ultimately, I think is probably what most brides today are looking for."
Historian Simon Schama
"The genius of an event like this... is its simplicity, it's simultaneously magnificent and very simple.
And if the monarchy's going to survive, which in my view it will, it has to have that cleverness about a simple connection with everybody in the country.
However distressed and difficult the economic times are, it's essentially this mix between the informality and the public duty of the monarchy."
Jennie Bond, former BBC Royal correspondent
"It's such a shame and so poignant that [Diana] missed out on her boy's big day.
I think William deliberately included his mother in the day with the music."
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