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Breaking news:
22:15Egypt youth eye third-place finish in African Championship
18:28Sunderland suffers heavy home defeat against Fulham
17:42Zidan claims first major title as Dortmund wins Bundesliga title
17:41General Prosecuter orders Church to deliver Shehata for questioning
15:34Egypt keeper El-Hadary survives horror car crash
15:13Tunisian economy to grow 1-2 per cent in 2011
15:10Justice Minister: Egypt's Mubarak could face death penalty
15:07Salmawy keeps his post as chairman of the Egyptian Writers Union
14:56Yemeni security forces forcibly end Aden sit-in
14:54South Africa face Tanzania to prepare for Egypt clash
14:52Obama seeks end to oil industry tax breaks
14:51Ahly football director lambastes referee after league draw
14:46Mutual incitement halted in Hamas and Fatah media
14:41Inside Job director to shoot WikiLeaks film
14:35Egypt chief of staff says Israel has no right to interfere in Cairo's decision.....
14:33Russia slams West over 'double standards' in Syria
14:28Syria says it backs Palestinian unity accord
14:23Sahel armies on alert as Libya crisis threatens region
14:18April deadliest month for US in Iraq since 2009
14:17Syria unrest could spill into Lebanon, experts warn
14:15Muslim Brotherhood announce party chief, seek 50% of parliament
14:12Libya rebel council rejects Gaddafi call for talks
14:10Saudi king tightens media restrictions
14:10Alabama tornadoes rise to second-deadliest in US history
14:09Thousands protest against nuclear plant in Taiwan
13:46Iran awards gas projects to Revolutionary Guard
13:44GCC chief in Yemen ahead of transition ceremony
13:39US lifts sanctions on major Sudanese bank
13:19Gold nears lifetime high as dollar loses ground
13:15Libya declares sea blockade of rebel port

Post-revolution Egypt is charting a new policy towards the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Cairo has succeeded in mediating a Palestinian reconciliation, is removing the blockade of Gaza, and is tougher on the Israeli occupation. What is your opinion?
Strongly approve of the Egyptian policy within the current parameters.
Approve, but want Egypt to go further to annul the peace treaty with Israel and cut all ties.
Approve, but want Egypt to act with more caution and try not to antagonize Israel.
Strongly disapprove. Antagonizing Israel is not in Egypt’s interests; it would damage Egypt-US relations, and would harm our already suffering economy.
Don’t know.   
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Muslim Brotherhood announces future plans after two-day meeting
The Muslim Brotherhood has clarified that it will not run for more than 50 per cent of parliamentary seats in the upcoming elections, or field a candidate for the presidency
Gulf Arab states don't want Mubarak tried — Ahram Online asks why
Why are the oil-rich Arab Gulf countries so tense over the possibility that ousted President Hosni Mubarak would be brought to trial?
Corruption threatens Egypt's energy plans: new report
Bribes and bureaucracy may be discouraging crucial foreign investment in Egypt's renewable sector, says Transparency International
New Egyptian independent labour union calls for celebrations in Tahrir
Ridding themselves of Egypt's old regime labour union, a new independent labour union details their next steps, including the Labour Day Tahrir celebration on Sunday
Syrian troops take key Daraa mosque, kill 4
Syrian army troops backed by tanks and three helicopters on Saturday took a prominent mosque that had been controlled by residents in a besieged southern city killing four people
Israeli report: Palestinian reconciliation would ruin US regional policy
An internal Israeli policy report opines that Palestinian national reconciliation is a mortal threat to US and Israeli regional interests
Yemen's Saleh due to sign transition deal
Yemen's president was to sign an agreement on Saturday to quit power in a month's time in exchange for immunity, a deal rejected by street protesters demanding his immediate ouster and prosecution
From liberalisation to self-sufficiency: Egypt charts a new agricultural policy
Self-sufficiency in wheat and subsidies for peasant farmers: a new language being heard at the Ministry.....
Egypt revolution's injured: from field hospitals to income generators
Egypt's revolution might have passed the critical phase, but what about the thousands who were injured.....
What's next for Egypt's economy?
Enhancing economic stability may prove a tougher task than changing the regime
The IMF’s rhetoric may have changed slightly after the global financial crisis, but it remains in practice an arm of Western financial interests
The more Egyptians go to the polls the less seats will go to religious forces in the next parliament
Egypt’s democratic revolution puts it at odds with a theocratic Iran, while the two have differing strategic and economic interests
The global nuclear non-proliferation regime is failing, says Mohamed ElBaradei in a new book reflecting on his time as head of the IAEA
Juan Goytisolo in Cairo, his 'utopia'
The Spanish writer, who predicted that Egypt would rise up like Tunisia, is effusive in his praise for the efforts made to topple dictators, though challenges lie ahead
The Tahrir Book Fair, open until 3 April, opens today with disappointing turnout, despite being the best opportunity for publishers and booksellers this year
Egypt eye bronze medal as they meet Mali in the African Youth Championship on Sunday
Real Madrid stumbled to a 3-2 defeat against Zaragoza and missed an opportunity to stay in the hunt for the Spanish title after league leader Barcelona slipped up in a 2-1 loss at Real Sociedad on Saturday.
Egypt winger Ahmed Elmohamady played the full time for Sunderland, on Saturday, but failed to make any impact in their 3-0 home defeat to Fulham.
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A voice recording is revealed of the former head of Egypt’s central security, giving orders to use live ammunition to kill peaceful protesters in the wake of the revolution
The ordeal of Camilia Shehata, who was believed to have converted to Islam but shut away in a monastery, continues with thousands of Salafists clamouring for her release in front of a Coptic cathedral
Mubarak’s two daughter-in-laws, released today, presented proofs early this morning that they gained their land and business before marrying Egypt’s ousted president’s sons
Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi survived a NATO air strike that killed his youngest son and three grandchildren and destroyed a Tripoli house, a Libyan government spokesman said on Saturday
Reconciliation has brought about a new media policy, focusing on the "positives" of agreement between rival Palestinian factions
Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton married at Westminster Abbey in a royal occasion that has attracted a huge global audience
When President Hosni Mubarak was driven from power in February, millions of Egyptians believed the graft and stagnation that blighted his 30-year rule would go too. Two months later, some people are having second thoughts
Deposit and overnight lending rates remain the same, and the discount rate is also unchanged
A late rally in investor interest staves off bad telecoms news to push all indexes into the green
Egypt: Our Home, a collective exhibition glorifying the country and its people’s revolution, in an assortment of styles, opened this week at the Ebdaa Art Gallery in Zamalek
Force Majeure, a performing arts festival, opened yesterday at the Townhouse gallery
Cairo Contemporary Music Days 2011 kicks off today until 3 May, featuring modern classic music concerts and workshops

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