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2 Mar 2011 - 22 Oct 2014
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 24 February - 2 March 2011
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Published in Cairo by AL-AHRAM established in 1875
Defusing the revolution
Demonstrators in Yemen have the opposition parties' sympathy but not their physical presence, notes Nasser Arrabyee
Journalist power
Oula Farawati looks at the resignation of Jordan's environment minister, two weeks ahead of national elections
Chavez or Ceausescu
Whatever credibility the maverick Pan-African revolutionary may have had is quickly dissipating, bemoans Gamal Nkrumah
Keeping an eye on Libya
The United Nations finally responded to the ferment in the Middle East this week, writes Graham Usher at the UN
Bahrain stand-off continues
Economic crunch hitting Palestinians hard
Lack of opportunities, rampant corruption, and the reality of occupation are putting the backs of all Palestinians to the wall, writes Khaled Amayreh in Hebron in the West Bank
Abbas running out of options
Amid vast regional transformations, pressure is mounting for the Palestinian president to reconcile with Hamas and stand up to the Israeli occupation, writes Saleh Al-Naami
America's pyrrhic veto
The West Bank Palestinian Authority walked a long road before defying the United States, writes Graham Usher at the United Nations
'A clean break'
It is not Israel backed by the distant US that inherits the Ottoman mantle of hegemony in the Middle East, but some combination of Turkey and Egypt, says Eric Walberg
Wake- up call
What will become of the Arab League? Dina Ezzat finds no answer
Springtime of peoples
As commentators cast around for parallels to events taking place across the Arab world, European officials have been expressing fears for the stability of the Maghreb, writes David Tresilian in Paris
Double barrel anger
In their Arab-inspired uprising, Iraqis show they now want to shape their destiny, writes Salah Hemeid
Aoun locks horns
Battles between Lebanese Christian leader Michel Aoun and the country's president are holding up the formation of Lebanon's next government, reports Lucy Fielder from Beirut
Unblocked but not unmonitored
Facebook access was unblocked in Syria earlier this week, but many users believe this will not necessarily ease Internet access in the country, reports Bassel Oudat from Damascus
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