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Saturday, 02 July 2011
Cairo 32-22
Celebration of great Egyptian poet Afifi Matar in Zaytoun workshop
Youssef Shaaban, poet and critic, will discuss the works of renowned Egyptian poet, Mohamed Afifi Matar on year after his death
A Book Fair at Aswan Cultural Palace
The General Egyptian Book Organization is hosting a book fair today featuring family discounts and other sales for readers
The Black Widow in Al Zaytoun workshop
A literary workshop in Al Zaytoun district with Jordanian author Sobhy Fahmawi on Thursday night
Book review: Mubarak’s Last Hours
By revealing the inner workings of the Mubarak regime during the 18-day revolt, Abdel-Kader Shohaib describes, from the position of an observer, how the ousted president's fate was sealed years before
Documenting the history of Sheikh Zakaria Ahmed
Sheikh Zakaria Ahmed, the composer and musician who shaped much of Egypt's Arabic musical heritage, is finally commemorated in a historical volume
New Release: Revolutionary Blogs by Magdi Hussein
A new book penned by Magdi Hussein during his time in prison offers a history of Egypt for younger generations
New Release: The Atmosphere by Ibrahim Dawood
Ibrahim Dawood describes in his prose book, The Atmosphere, Cairo’s marginalised intellectual community that meet in cafés
Book review: A 'Song of Songs' for the new millennium
Mohamed El-Bosaty produces an epic love story worthy of being placed side by side with the greatest of romances
In memory of a man who died standing
A celebration of the life of Farag Fouda on the 19th anniversary of his assassination for his ardent opposition to Islamic extremism is timely at this juncture for Egypt
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Book Review: Roots of Police Violence
Basma Abdel-Aziz's enjoys its second print run weeks after publishing and shares many insights about development of the relationship between the police and Egyptian citizens
New Release: Al-Adaab
One of the section's subjects is a seminar, in which many young men and ladies talked those who participated in the Tunisian revolution.
New release: 25th January Revolution
Dr. Waheed Abd El-Megeed's book contains his insights into the revolution and his previous writings on political reform
New Release: Memories of an Immoral Man
Memories of an Immoral Man observes with sarcasm the attitudes of opportunists that after the 1919 claimed to be revolutionaries - not dissimilar to the opportunists today
Nesrin Al-Bakshongy will have a book-signing for her latest, Ghoraf Hanin
Alef bookstore in Zamalek will host Nesrin Al-Bakhshongy on Wednesday, 4 June to sign her latest book Ghoraf Hanin
New Release: Translation of the complete works of Edgar Allen Poe into Arabic
The complete works of the macabre and quintessentially American poet Edgar Allan Poe are now available in Arabic, giving more readers the chance to be chilled
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