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14:42Fighting in Sudan border zone kills 12 people
14:40Iraq to disband court that tried Saddam Hussein
14:39Criminal court to rule on former interior minister’s corruption trial Thursday
14:30Palm Hills denies intent to give up more land
14:26Mffco Helwan workers protest for third day
14:22UK electoral reform set to fail, coalition split
14:17U.S. raid opens Pakistani military to rare domestic criticism
14:05Gaddafi rockets force exodus from western Libya
13:58FIFA awards Olympic win to Palestine over Thailand
13:56Bank group sees recession in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria
13:54Egypt still has a chance to qualify to ACN, says 'historical' Zidan
13:25Syria protesters vow to stay firm on 'revolution'
12:59Turkish FM Davutoglu in Cairo to attend Palestinian reconciliation agreement.....
12:28Attacking football came out on top, says Guardiola
12:15Syria's Christians want change, but not fall of regime
12:05Egyptian Kuwaiti committee to support Egyptian economy
11:30UAE FM welcomes upcoming visit from Egypt's PM Sharaf to affirm ties
11:22Gaddafi regime mulls new deadline for rebel city
11:14Book review: The Book of the Revolution from Al-Ketaba Al-Okhra
11:11Everyone knows refs favour Barca, Real’s Ronaldo says
11:01Egypt ranks 9th in Africa’s top investment countries
10:59Bahrain offshore banking assets fell 10 per cent in unrest
20:20Egyptian Premier League results and scorers
19:15Ittihad of Alexandria claim first win since October to ease worries
18:14Abu Dhabi sees 2011 economic growth at 4.5 per cent
18:112500 workers strike at one of Ahmed Ezz’s factories
17:57Egyptian mothers demonstrate demanding citizenship rights for their Palestinian.....
17:55Swiss law firm to track former Egyptian officials' money
17:24Shafiq and Soliman are not being investigated
17:22Mousa campaign denies assaulting April 6 members

Post-revolution Egypt is charting a new policy towards the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Cairo has succeeded in mediating a Palestinian reconciliation, is removing the blockade of Gaza, and is tougher on the Israeli occupation. What is your opinion?
Strongly approve of the Egyptian policy within the current parameters.
Approve, but want Egypt to go further to annul the peace treaty with Israel and cut all ties.
Approve, but want Egypt to act with more caution and try not to antagonize Israel.
Strongly disapprove. Antagonizing Israel is not in Egypt’s interests; it would damage Egypt-US relations, and would harm our already suffering economy.
Don’t know.   
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Counting the minutes towards Palestinian reconciliation agreement
Palestinian top negotiator and aide to President Abbas stress to Ahram Online that presenting a united front against Israeli occupation is top-priority, above any factions' different interests
Ahly’s performance against Gouna was 'scary,' says Jose
After 1-0 win over Gouna, Ahly’s coaching staff are worried about the team’s failure to convert chances, while players are delighted having narrowed the gap with arch rivals Zamalek
Hamas wants Palestinian state in West Bank, Gaza
Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal says the Islamist group's aim is for the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, free of settlers
Israeli Army: We use Gaza military operation to test new weapons
The Cast Lead Operation commander speaks bluntly on the Israel's view of Gaza as an 'ideal training zone' for its soldiers and weaponry
Egyptian medics recount arriving in Libya under ‘avalanche of bullets’
Egyptian medics witness catastrophic conditions in Libya and ask for help: Gaddafi’s brigades use cluster bombs and banned weapons; corpses are booby-trapped; food supplies have run out; civilians, hospitals are targets
Mubarak's health slides on his 83rd birthday
Ousted president Hosni Mubarak’s health condition has deteriorated further ahead of his birthday today, as his grandson plans to take him a cake
Ahly narrow gap at top as Sayoud steals the show
Amir Sayoud steals the limelight as Ahly beat Gouna to narrow the gap with league leaders Zamalek
From liberalisation to self-sufficiency: Egypt charts a new agricultural policy
Self-sufficiency in wheat and subsidies for peasant farmers: a new language being heard at the Ministry.....
Egypt revolution's injured: from field hospitals to income generators
Egypt's revolution might have passed the critical phase, but what about the thousands who were injured.....
Algerian Sayoud gives Ahly what they are missing
Amir Sayoud's virtuoso display against Gouna on Tuesday will have fans wondering why he was kept on the.....
For Egypt there are two distinct possible destinations out of the opportunity from the revolution, which one it arrives at depends on the resolve and insight of Egyptians
The illegal killing of Osama Bin Laden
Curtis Doebbler
Osama Bin Laden’s death proved what he said in life: that the United States couldn’t kill or arrest him within its own laws
The revolution in Egypt — and all Arab countries — will succeed if it avoids ideological division and mobilises the people to build a civil and democratic welfare state
The renewed campaign for the return from Germany of the iconic bust is among plans for the return of other artifacts to enhance the exhibits at the new Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza
Four ancient Egyptian artefacts, two of which were reported missing from the Egyptian Museum during the January revolution are back home
The first phase of the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation will be completed in June, with a full opening next year
After 1-0 win over Gouna, Ahly’s coaching staff are worried about the team’s failure to convert chances, while players are delighted having narrowed the gap with arch rivals Zamalek
Amid celebrations for his historical achievement in the Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund’s striker Mohamed Zidan is optimistic about Egypt’s national team's future
Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola praised his team for reaching the Champions League final and believes it is a victory for their style of attacking football against bitter rivals Real Madrid
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After the underwhelming response to the government organised dialogue, Hamza hopes to bring together a national council of 60 members and initiate a 'people's dialogue'
Egypt's interim prime minister visits Qena where protesters had brought the city to a standstill following the appointment last month of a Coptic governor but his words do little to ease sectarian sentiments
Egypt welcomes Ethiopian decision to postpone Nile Basin agreement
Thousands of Syrians continue to protest against Assad regime, calling for open sit ins across the country
A leading figure in Islamic Jihad announces that the group will take part in the signing ceremony of the national reconciliation agreement between Fatah and Hamas
Palestinian factions will sign a reconciliation deal in Cairo on Wednesday intended to repair ties between Hamas and Fatah and end a bitter divide between the West Bank and Gaza
The economies of Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia and Syria are likely to fall into recession in 2011 as economic activity falls sharply following popular uprisings since January, a global bank group forecast on Tuesday
The newly formed Kuwaiti Egyptian Loyalty committee aims at granting financial support to vital projects related to food and medicine industries
A survey, released by Ernst & Young, reveals that Egypt could remain an attractive destination for investors over the next five years
Tunisian singer and songwriter Abir Nasrawi returns to Cairo as part of Al Mawred Al Thakafy - Culture Resource - Spring Music Festival to present her "revolutionised" tunes to Egypt
Egypt: Our Home, a collective exhibition glorifying the country and its people’s revolution, in an assortment of styles, opened this week at the Ebdaa Art Gallery in Zamalek
Egypt to be first guest of honor at the Cannes film festival that opens on 11 May

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