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Wednesday, 18 May 2011
Cairo 30-21

Arts & Culture
Syrian playwright commemorated by Tagammu party in Cairo
During a commemoration ceremony for the late Syrian playwright Saad Allah Wanous, organised by the creative workshop of the Tagammu party in El Zeitoun, Egyptian critics voiced their opinions of his work
The Green, the Street and the Scent of Life at Safarkhan Gallery
On Thursday 19 May, Safarkhan Gallery in Cairo will open an exhibition of paintings, photography and video art by German-born artist Barbara Armbruster
A Masked Ball at Cairo Opera House
Between 18 and 22 May (except 21 May), Cairo Opera House Main Hall will give it's stage to Verdi's opera 'Un ballo in maschera'
Life of famous Egyptian poet, Al Fagoumy portrayed in new film
Al Fagoumy, a film which revolves around the struggle and political protests of the Egyptian poet Ahmed Fouad Negm will be released in cinemas soon
54th International Venice Biennale pays tribute to Ahmed Basiouny, Egyptian artist and revolutionary martyr
Ahmed Basiouny, multi-media artist and martyr of the 25 January revolution, will represent Egypt in a solo exhibition at the 54th Venice Biennale
Arab-Iberoamerican Women Film Festival is back in town
Among Women Film Makers annual festival is back in Cairo, starting 16 May at the Opera House
Commemorating Nakba: 3rd Gaza Monologues
Memoirs read by survivors of an Israeli operation against the Gaza Strip that killed 1,380 Palestinians will be read at The Gaza Monologues on 15 May
Monodrama festival, where music is the name of the game
The monodrama festival - with a musical twist - opens on 13 May at the Jesuit Theatre
Mother’s idea: Three lives more dramatic than fiction
On the opening night of the fourth Arab-Iberoamerican Women Film Festival (16-20 May) in Cairo, Amaren Idea (Mother’s Idea, 2009) directed by Maider Oleaga, was featured  
Tunisian filmmaker invested as knight of the Legion of Honour at Cannes
On Sunday 15 May at La Plage des Palmes in Cannes, the French Minister of Culture Frédéric Mitterrand made Tunisian filmmaker Nouri Bouzid a knight of the Legion of Honour

Dark tale 'Goodbye' attacks repression in Iranian society
Iranian director Mohammad Rasoulof presents 'Goodbye', a powerful statement against the political regime and repression in Iranian civil society

Syrian filmmaker speaks out at Cannes Festival
Syrian filmmaker Osama Mohammed presents his works at Cannes Film Festival and contributes to discussions about making films in a dictatorship

Novice filmmakers open window on Iraq
A documentary festival in Baghdad, Basra and Arbil features films that cover different angles of occupied Iraq

Cannes pays tribute to Mubarak's filmmakers
As part of the Cannes Film Festival's honouring of Egypt's revolution, filmmakers who worked with the ousted dictator's regime are being honoured as representatives of the uprising, stirring anger within the industry

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Visual Art
Exhibition at Sadat metro station honours the martyrs of the Egyptian revolution
A hundred days after the end of the Mubarak regime, El Sadat metro station features a photography gallery, honouring the martyrs of the Egyptian revolution

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Remembering Naji Al-Ali: The timeless conscience of Palestine
As the 63rd year of the Palestinian Nakba is marked this week, one Palestinian artist, a symbol of Al Nakba, comes to mind: Naji Al-Ali, the creator of ten-year-old Handala

My Neighbour exhibition brings together international artists at the Festival of the Arts
The Caravan Festival of the Arts highlights the importance of building and sustaining bridges between religions and emphasises the importance of friendship and understanding between people

Tarek Ali Hassan: That rare whiff of true renaissance
A medical doctor, musician, philosopher, writer, poet and painter, Tarek Ali Hassan describes himself simply as 'somebody who loves human beings and believes in them'

Eftekasat considers its Egyptian roots and world influence
The Egyptian band, Eftekasat speaks with Ahram Online on it’s amalgamation of Latin, Arabic, Greek and Balkan tunes before their performances on 12 and 19 May

Lebanese band Mashrou' Leila energises the audience
With an inclusive and infectious stage presence, the Lebanese indie rock band Mashrou' Laila gave their Cairene audience an unforgettable performance on Saturday night

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