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Galleon Fund Chief Guilty of Fraud and Conspiracy
By PETER LATTMAN and AZAM AHMED 11 minutes ago
Raj Rajaratnam, the billionaire chief of the Galleon Group hedge fund, is the most prominent figure convicted in the government crackdown on Wall Street insider trading.
High & Low Finance
Case Got a Head Start on the Crime
The insider trading case stemmed from an investigation that began before the crimes were committed, and that made all the difference.
Galleon Case Is Nowhere Near Over 24 minutes ago
Analysis: Prosecutors Hope for Deterrent Effect 4:10 PM ET
Syrians Report Shelling of City and Mass Arrests
By ANTHONY SHADID 8 minutes ago
The Syrian military intensified a methodical, ferocious march across the country’s most restive locales.
Kuwait Replaces Syria on Slate for U.N. Council
C.J. Chivers/The New York Times
Libyan Rebels Seize Control of Airport
By C. J. CHIVERS 18 minutes ago
Taking control of the airport in Libya’s third-largest city was one of the major rebel victories in the conflict.
Today’s TimesCast
Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi stays out of the public eye; and more. | Play Video »
The Met Plans to Occupy the Whitney’s Uptown Site
By CAROL VOGEL 6 minutes ago
A plan calls for the Metropolitan Museum to showcase its modern holdings at the site for at least eight years.
Japan Ponders Its New Normal
Japan knows its status quo is gone. It is now looking to what kind of economy it wants to cultivate for the future.
Slide Show: Japan Looks to an Uncertain Future
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Economix: Four Workers for Every Job Opening
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Protesters in central Athens clashed with police officers during a demonstration.
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Symantec's 4Q Results Exceed Analyst Projections
3 minutes ago
Western Mass.: History, Hiking, and Good Food
7 minutes ago
Newt Gingrich Touts '90s Record in Presidential Bid
4 minutes ago
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Op-Ed: Post-Traumatic Childhood
We shouldn’t try to save money by cutting treatment for children who are subjected to violence at home.
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The Difficulty of an Exit
Paul Spiegelman nearly sold a majority interest in his call center company in 2010, but he abandoned the deal.
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You're the Boss
The Sweet Spot of Business Growth
There are many factors to consider before you start investing money to take a business to “the next level.”
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Sort of Cool, Not Yet Hot
Just beyond the reach of the meatpacking district, Ninth Avenue from West 14th to West 23rd Street, has its own vibe.
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After Disaster Hit Japan, Electric Cars Stepped Up
With oil refineries out of commission and clogged roads slowing gas deliveries, Japan turned to electric cars to help provide needed services.
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Corner Office: Dominic Orr
Yes, Everyone Can Be Stupid for a Minute
Dominic Orr of Aruba Networks says companies would save a lot of time in problem-solving if people could admit to lapses in judgment.
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The Conversation: The Race Begins
David Brooks and Gail Collins on Newt Gingrich and other G.O.P. presidential hopefuls.
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A Tale of Atrocities Spares No Brutal Detail
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Black Bear Study Upends Some Popular Perceptions
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Op-Ed: Post-Traumatic Childhood
Washington shouldn’t try to save money by cutting treatment for abused children.
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A Vanishing Act for Great Sports Nicknames
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A Fruit With a Future
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The Score: The Composer’s Other Voice
In the conversations about music, politics and culture, why not hear from the composers themselves?
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Seeking Tween Stars Ready for the Spotlight
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