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Friday May 13th 2011

Predictions 2011
Welcome to the World in 2011
World in 2011 editor, Daniel Franklin, looks ahead at a year that will delight numerologists, produce striking examples of the power of technology and other predictions in the 25th edition of The World In. (2)
United States
The Americas
Middle East and Africa
The World in 2036
The World in 2011 in multimedia
Bill Clinton, Steven Chu and K'naan join people from across the world—and Antarctica—to offer their thoughts on what might happen in 2011 More »
Our Cassandra blog accompanies The World in 2011, our almanac of predictions for the year ahead. The blog is named after the mythological Cassandra, who was cursed by Apollo to make prophecies that were accurate, but disbelieved More »
The Incadescent lightbulb
The incandescent lightbulb is going out all over Europe and beyond
 More »
Calendar 2011
Our selection of events around the world More »
Explore past World in issues
Every year we make our predictions about the year to come. See where we were right, and where we were wrong
World in Figures
The Economist Intelligence Unit looks at the The World in 2011 in figures by country and industry
World population
The seventh billion
The planet's population is hurtling towards 7 billion. But its growth will start to slow
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  1. Germany and Libya: Return of the Afrika (aid) Korps?
  2. China's Tibetan problem: More turbulent monks
  3. Greece and the euro: Bailing out the bail-out
  4. The Turkish economy: Overheating
  5. Israel and Palestinian unity: Eek!
  6. Flying while Muslim: Delayed by bigotry?
  7. Immigration reform: The demographic politics of immigration
  8. Higher-education bubble: Blowing up grad school
  9. Egalitarianism: Yes, we should redistribute grades
  10. France's National Front: Le Pen, mightier than the sword?
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  1. China's population: The most surprising demographic crisis
  2. Osama bin Laden
  3. Osama bin Laden: Now, kill his dream
  4. Banyan: The insanity clause
  5. Law firms: A less gilded future
  6. After Osama bin Laden: They got him
  7. Flying while Muslim: Delayed by bigotry?
  8. Targeted killing: The ethics and realpolitik of assassination
  9. Hidden city ticketing: Messing with the airlines
  10. China's Tibetan problem: More turbulent monks
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