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14 May 2011 - 18 Apr 2021
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Saturday, 14 May 2011
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Tunisia : A civil nuclear station of 1000 Megawatt and two sites are selected.
The French Embassy will hold, on November 26-27 2008, a seminar to present French technology in terms of electric production using the civil nuclear and more specifically the offer of Areva in the area. This seminar follows several other events already organized in Tunisia by South Africans and Canadians.
The Ambassador, Serge Degallaix organised yesterday Wednesday, November 19th 2008, a press communication, with Fékih Ali Mustapha, Head of project of the nuclear electric station in Tunisia. This latter, without too many details leaving them for the General Manager Othmane Ben Arfa, briefly presented the results of the feasibility study during the two years which folloed the Tunisian presidential decision, made in November 2006. He will, however, say that two sites have finally, up to now, been selected for this station.           The two sites are on the Tunisian coast, one in the North and the other in the South. He will also say that this nuclear electric station will have a capacity of  1000 Megawatt. And even though we learned that some Tunisian technicians are already being trained with Areva, it is confirmed that the Tunisian party, «even though the AIEA advised to adopt a technology with past accomplishments». The final decision will not be made before 2011.
During this same meeting, we will learn that the French prime minister, François Fillon, would visit Tunisia on an official mission, following the invitation from his Tunisian colleague Mohamed Ghannouchi, and that on the occasion, the two countries will sign the agreement on the civil nuclear already prepared by Tunis and Paris during the last visit of Sarkozy in Tunisia.
Africa and the financial crisis, is it really going to be a war ?
The African Development Bank (ADB) took the initiative to gather the African ministers and bank governors to debate the world financial crisis which has been raging for some time, and about which the world experts say that the poorest among the African countries will be the most affected. At a date between the seism and the G20 Summit ...
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OBG: 2011, a year of business as usual for Tunisia's banks
Despite the uncertainty prevailing about the Government's plans in the longer range, "2011 would be a year of business as usual for Tunisian banks," The Oxford Business Group (OBG) said in a report released recently ...
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AfDB’s scenarios for economic growth of Tunisia
The Revolution presents great potentials for Tunisia and its long term fruit may well be significant in terms of economic growth and social equity and cohesion. The political situation remains fragile. This is the main conclusion of a Brief on Economic Outlook developed by the African Development Bank ...
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Tunisia: Business Academy to rebuild the economy
Four months after the fall of Ben Ali and in a country undergoing democratic transition, Jamel Houas, Director General of KARTAGENE and first operator in knowledg engineering "can take the temperature of entrepreneurship in Tunisia and launch his ...
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