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18:49Demonstrations in Alexandria head to the Israeli consulate
18:49Breaking News: Army delays announcement of new political rights law
18:48Ghana’s Muntari back to Inter Milan
18:48AP sources: US Mideast envoy plans to resign
17:3210 percent fatality for Libya sea migrants, UN says
17:32Breaking News: Italian Foreign Minister says Gaddafi is very likely not in Tripoli
17:17Three Yemen protesters dead, Saleh rejects US call
17:12Two dead despite Syria no-shoot order: activists
16:54FA Cup: Yaya Toure motivated by brother’s absence
16:54Ruling military council to consider overturning conviction of detained protesters
16:50Suzanne Mubarak may be sent to Cairo’s Qanater prison
16:39US maintains its economic assistace to Eygpt at previous level, says ambassador
16:38Egypt gets ready for Palestinian Nakba Day
16:37Egyptian FA supports Bin Hammam for FIFA presidency
15:48Demonstrations in Egypt’s Northern Sinai city supporting march to Palestine.....
15:48Bombers take bin Laden revenge in Pakistan; U.S. ties cool
15:38Demonstrations in Suez in solidarity with Palestine and for national unity
15:34Syrian security forces kill activist in Homs
15:31Ruling military council denies banning Egyptians abroad from voting
15:30Analysis: Can Hamas leopard change its spots?
15:09India's formidable "Big Sister" knocks out communists
14:37Ahly slam Ittihad’s ‘play-acting’ following league win
14:32Essam Sharaf in Ethiopia
14:17Suzanne Mubarak detained for 15 days pending investigations
14:11Yemen accepts UN mission on violence: UN rights office
14:10Yemen's Saleh vows to stay after US urges quick departure
14:03Nobel laureate Yunus quits bank after court ruling
13:53Oil rises to near $100 as European economy grows
13:14Israel: arms smuggling to Gaza increased
12:08World powers push stalled Yemen transition plan

Though the Egyptian revolution emphasised equality and fraternity of Egypt’s Muslims and Christians, mob attacks against Coptic citizens and their houses of worship have become a frequent occurrence in post-revolution Egypt. What is your opinion?
The attacks are instigated and executed by local counter-revolutionary forces, including Muslim fanatics, Mubarak regime diehards and rogue security forces, and are backed and funded by regressive Gulf States.
The attacks are the expression of deep-seated sectarian tensions, and their greater frequency is a result of the security vacuum created by the revolution, and have nothing to do with counter-revolutionary conspiracies.
Counter-revolutionary forces and regional powers are using deep-seated sectarian tensions to undermine the Egyptian revolution.
I don't know.   
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Tahrir carnival returns amid calls for national unity
Declarations for national unity following Saturday's violence against Copts and solidarity with Palestinians ahead of Nakba Day paint Tahrir and draw in a diverse crowd
Friday is a day of 'national unity' in Egypt
Tens of thousands gather in support of Palestinian Intifada and 'National Unity' in Tahrir
Demonstrations in Suez in solidarity with Palestine and for national unity
Demonstrations in Alexandria head to the Israeli consulate
Mubarak’s local fortune estimated at $145 million and Sharm El-Shiekh villa
Head of Illicit Gains Authority releases the result of their investigation into scope of Mubarak's wealth in Egypt and reveals ousted president's admission of a secret Alexandria Library bank account
Gaddafi likely to have fled Tripoli, may be hurt: Italy
Italian Foreign Minister Frattini said he believed Gaddafi had fled Tripoli, adding that reports that the Libyan leader had been wounded during the conflict were credible
Coach Hassan Shehata threatens to quit Egypt
In an interview with Al-Ahram daily, Egypt coach Hassan Shehata reveals the thought of resigning from his post has crossed his mind due to the ‘the corrupt football atmosphere’ in the country
New electoral law to scrap Mubarak’s autocratic legacy
Full judicial supervision and scrapping the quota for female parliamentary candidates among the expected amendments to be announced Saturday
Syrians protest again despite clampdown
Thousands of Syrians took to the street across the country in 'Free Women Friday' to show solidarity with detained female demonstrators as regime continues to hunt down activists
IMF to visit Egypt offering financial assistance
As Egypt seeks help to meet a gaping hole in its finances, a team from the IMF is due to arrive in Cairo despite recent pronouncements by the finance minister to the contrary
Chile, Indonesia and Georgia offer revolutionary lessons to Egyptians
By comparing and contrasting the experiences of Georgia, Indonesia and Chile after their own revolutions,.....
Egypt's Copts cry out in anger
After another incident of sectarian violence, Egypt's Christians hold a protest blaming the army for.....
Opinion by Mohamed Hassanein Heikal
On the sectarian crisis and other matters
The Arab world's top political commentator returns to the newspaper he had once led to international.....
What will Al-Qaeda do now that it’s moral and charismatic foundation is dead? Will it — and can it — transform itself into something different than it has been?
In a capitalist world, justice and equity is something the rich enjoy while the poor die
Confounding his critics, Obama has delivered a bigger blow to Al-Qaeda than ever did his predecessor
Inspection of a red granite statue of a priest and two deities reveals it is authentic
A fifth dynasty limestone relief of a hunting scene is to be returned to Egypt from the Antikhenmuseum in Basel, Switzerland
The first ever scientific Institute of Museology in Egypt is to be established in Cairo
Ghana and Sunderland midfielder Sulley Muntari returns to Inter Milan after failing to impress in England
The Egyptian Football Association (EFA) throws its support behind Qatar's Bin Hammam in his battle with Sepp Blatter for FIFA’s prestigious presidential seat
In an interview with Al-Ahram daily, Egypt coach Hassan Shehata reveals the thought of resigning from his post has crossed his mind due to the ‘the corrupt football atmosphere’ in the country
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Jewish alley
Fathi's corner
Cannes 2011
Red carpet
Renaissance sculptor
120th birthday
Celebrating resistance
Dr. Do Music
Folk heroes
Ali al-Zeibaq
Art Zone
Home for art
Faces of Tahrir
Zen in Cairo
On the rise
Essam Sharaf offers a momentous pledge to appease Copts protesting recent violent attacks against them as after 80 years of restrictions on church construction, a unified code for mosques and churches is on its way
Twelve Egyptians were killed for the sake of undermining the revolution and spreading fear of a chaos unleashed, says report commissioned by National Council for Human Rights
Five socialist parties unite to impact Egyptian politics
In a bid to gain political ground, five of Egypt’s socialist movements unite under the new Coalition of Socialist Forces banner
Voters in India ousted Communists from their two main stronghold cities in state elections with the ‎country's ruling Congress Party and its allies winning the majority of seats
Syrian regime security forces shelled residential areas in two towns and at least 19 people were killed across the country
Iranian president Ahmadinejad and the speaker of the Parliament Ali Larijani exchange accusations of violating the law over recent changes in the government structure
Embassy in Cairo confirms that $250 million has been earmarked by Congress as aid for Egypt, the same amount as last year
Pioneering banker who saw small loans as a way out of poverty leaves his post as managing director of Grameen Bank, accusing the government of seeking control of the institution
As Egypt seeks help to meet a gaping hole in its finances, a team from the IMF is due to arrive in Cairo despite recent pronouncements by the finance minister to the contrary
The Egyptian band, Eftekasat speaks with Ahram Online on it’s amalgamation of Latin, Arabic, Greek and Balkan tunes before their performances on 12 and 19 May
The Minister of Culture Emad Abou-Ghazi discussed the means to support low-budget artistic events at a conference
Despite a number of attempts, the events of the Egyptian Revolution have not yet been successfully transferred onto the stage

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