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29 Nov 2010 - 13 Jan 2022
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Saturday, 28 May 2011
Cairo 32-21
Egypt's PM calls for help to protect democracy
Ivory Coast says needs 15-20 billion euros recovery funds
Breaking: G8 to give Tunisia and Egypt $20 billion to support democracy
UAE to fix food prices as global commodities rise
The oil rich state is taking precautionary measures to avoid unrest slamming the region
Claims for unemployment benefits climbed in U.S.
Economists surveyed by Reuters had forecast that claims last week would decline to 400,000, rather than rise.
Egypt sells T-bills worth 5.8 bln EGP
Morocco may trim 2011 growth forecast
Morocco's tourism receipts are expected to defy the Argana bombing, which killed 16 people, with the help of sovereign wealth funds from Gulf states
Petroceltic seeks oil, gas deals in Egypt and Tunisia
The Irish oil explorer aims to allocate $100 million in capital in both markets by Q3
G-8: Nations, banks to give $40B for Arab Spring
Report: 90 Labour protests, 1360 laid off in Egypt last month
A report released by a rights group details the number of lay offs and workers' actions in the industrial sector throughout the month of April

Tunisian PM wants more aid for refugees from Libya
Tunisian prime minister asks the G8 more support for the economy

Breaking: France says to give one billion euros to Egypt and Tunisia

HSBC, Goldman, Societe General managed Libyan money : report
A document from 2010 also showed the Libyan Investment Authority owned billions of dollars of shares in blue-chip companies such as BP, Deutsche Telekom, General Electric and Vivendi

Egypt stock ends week in green despite calls for "Friday of Rage"
The Egyptian stock market ended the day on a green note despite calls for a "second revolution"

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