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Street Smart: Downtown,1864
The downtown we often long for, the one enshrined in the black-and-white films of the 1940s and 1950s, is not what Khedive Ismail would have had in mind when he began his grandiose urban renewal scheme in the mid 1860s
Street Smart: Mohammed Ali Street
Mohammed Ali Street in the heart of the city has always been associated with folk arts. From the gateway to cosmopolitan Cairo to the home of belly-dancers, the Street has many stories to tell
Street Smart: Souq El Azbakeya, a haven for book lovers
Ahram Online re-visits the history of the oldest cultural centre in Egypt
Street Smart : Support Tourism in Egypt
The Support Tourism in Egypt initiative is the brainchild of Mahmoud Saad, a young Egyptian photographer whose aim is to revive and promote tourism in Egypt, through organised walks that roam the heart of Cairo
Street Smart: Alexandria - the 'Bride of the Mediterranean' (1)
Built by Alexander the Great in 331 BC the city became the capital of Greco-Roman Egypt. This is the first of many walks in the "city that never sleeps". We started on a long walk along the corniche
Gaza Monologues in Rawabet
Egypt's oldest independent theatre troupe recites the words of Gaza's youth under attack
Street Smart: El-Faggala sings and tells her stories
At the premises of El-Nahda Culture and Scientific Renaissance Association, a selection of personal old photographs with audio-recorded memories that plays throughout the exhibition is on display
Street smart : Berket El-Feel
A video quest in the heart of Cairo, unfolding the social history of Berket El-Feel area, part of El-Saida Zeinab district
Folk: El Baramka - a thousand years of harmonious heritage
The El Baramka family, a folk music troupe that was formed over a thousand years ago, performed for one night only at the Tanboura Hall in Abdeen, Cairo  
The Dervishes of Abul Gheit
The Dervishes of Abul Gheit are one of several folk troupes that perform weekly at Al Tanboura Hall at the El Mastaba Centre for Egyptian Folk Music in Abdeen

Street smart: Before the Immobilia Building
When you stand at the intersection of Qasr el-Nil and Sherif today, what you see right across from the central bank is a multi-story building that was, when it was built in 1936, the pride and joy of downtown Cairo

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Folk: Sufi chants and religious singing at the House of al-Soheimi
Sufi chants and religious songs await in the House of al-Soheimi in Islamic Cairo

A very ancient Egyptian Easter: Sham El-Nasim
Monday 25 April marks Sham El-Nasim, which Copts celebrate as part of Easter, but is one of the few days that Egyptians of all religions celebrate - since ancient times

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Folk Hero series: Ali al-Zeibaq
One of the best-known tales of street-wise tricksters in popular literature, the story of Ali al-Zeibaq, or Ali the Mercury Man, unfolds in the ninth or tenth century

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