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Ancient Egypt
Madinet Madi now on the Egypt tourism map
The second phase of Madinet Madi development project in Fayoum will be inaugurated Sunday  
Old Kingdom relief first artefact repatriated to Egypt after revolution
A fifth dynasty limestone relief of a hunting scene is to be returned to Egypt from the Antikhenmuseum in Basel, Switzerland

Statue of King Tutankhamun's great grandfather discovered
A 13 metre tall statue of the 18th dynasty King Amenhotep III is unearthed on Luxor’s west bank

Hawass convicted in criminal court but still holds Egypt's antiquities portfolio
Ahram Online gets the story from the antiquities ministry: Hawass appeals criminal court decision, which deposes him as antiquities minister for brouhaha over rental of museum bookstore

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Resistance to UNESCO visit to Egypt to save artefacts
A UNESCO delegate is set to visit Egypt to help recuperate looted ancient artefacts post-revolution, but there is no Egyptian antiquities minister, and to boot the delegate faces scepticism of 'antiquities colonisation'

UNESCO delegation to visit Egypt next week
Following recent looting attempts on several archaeological sites, a UNESCO delegation is to tour Egypt to check the status of its world heritage stock

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