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Wednesday, 04 May 2011

Event : Youssef Rakha signing at Shorouk bookstore in Zamalek
New Release: A person worthy of hate
Azmi Abdul Wahab releases a new poetry collection with 'A person worthy of hate'
Salmawy keeps his post as chairman of the Egyptian Writers Union
The Egyptian Writers Union held its first post-revolution elections, voting in writer and journalist Mohamed Salmawy as president for the second consecutive session
Egypt celebrated World Book Day
Egypt’s January 25 Revolution has dominated the demand in this week’s celebration of World Book Day in Cairo bookstores
New release: Republishing The Mountain
Fathy Ghanem's book re-published in a low-priced edition
New release: Bearings in Sufism republished
Affordable edition of Prince Abd El-Qadir Al-Jaza’iri’s book on Sufism
Egypt's culture minister to open Hall of Salah Abdel-Sabour
Emad Abu Ghazi to oversee International Book Day celebrations on Saturday
Fifth 'Arabic Booker' opens for nominations
Publishers invited to nominate their novelists' recent work
Supreme Council of Culture celebrates International Book Day
Celebrating International Book Day, the Supreme Council of Culture will host a book fair on its Cairo Opera House premises
Cervantes Institute in Cairo celebrates International Book Day on 20 April
The Spanish Cultural Center celebrates International Book Day with a full-day event, including a book exchange, book fair and awards
English edition out for Samer Soliman's "The Autumn of Dictatorship"
Samer Soliman's book ‘Nazam el Qawy... wa Dawla el Daaeefa,’ (Strong regime, weak state) which predicted the collapse of the Mubarak regime, is now available in English under the title ‘The Autumn of Dictatorship’
Winners of Arabic children's book awards announced
The winners of the fifth annual Arabic children's book awards, 'Read Here, There and Everywhere', from the Anna Lindh Foundation have been announced and will be presented on Thursday 14 April in Cairo
Away from Egyptian domestic politics, ElBaradei speaks of IAEA years
The global nuclear non-proliferation regime is failing, says Mohamed ElBaradei in a new book reflecting on his time as head of the IAEA

Upcoming Egyptian Writers Union elections sees new faces but no new customs
Despite the slew of new faces nominated for the board of Egypt’s Writer’s Union, the history and membership structure render fundamental change highly unlikely

Juan Goytisolo in Cairo, his 'utopia'
The Spanish writer, who predicted that Egypt would rise up like Tunisia, is effusive in his praise for the efforts made to topple dictators, though challenges lie ahead

Revolution book review: Near Tahrir Square
El-Shaity lives in Kasr El-Nil street, literally one hundred steps away from Tahrir Square, and tells his story of the remarkable 18 days that changed the course of Egyptian history

Ezz El-Din Shokry appointed General Secretary to Supreme Council of Culture
Among many changes in the leading positions at the ministry of culture, writer and diplomat Ezz El-Din Shokry was appointed General Secretary for the Supreme Council of Culture

New head of Book Organisation defends his reputation, plans for future
The new head of the Egyptian General Book Organisation Ahmed Megahed responds to complaints and talks of his plans for the future

Egyptian revolution book review series: Kefaya - laying the foundations for the 25 January revolution
Back in 2005, Kefaya demonstrated in the streets thereby laying the foundations for the 25 January revolution

WRITERS IN THE REVOLTION: Shereen Abouelnaga Beholding a Rainbow
Abouelnaga tells her story of tear gas canisters in Qasr El-Aini street and old dreams coming true

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