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The Khul' Law: Bane or Boon for Society?
Maha Ghalwash

The Khul' law does not harm society; it should not be abolished

Egypt’s revolution: From confusion to chaos
Hassan Abou Taleb

Periods following the fall of a regime are often turbulent, but some appear to be embracing chaos in the name of the revolution

Self-determination: the Palestinian trump card
Curtis Doebbler

The right to self-determination of the Palestinians is inviolable, undermining legally and morally the propaganda surrounding the UN’s supposed recognition of Israel

Unity despite diversity in Egypt’s history
Taha Abdel Alim

Attempts to divide Egyptians by sectarian affiliation will fail, if Egyptians recall their own long history of unity

The double siege facing Palestinians in Israel
Abir Kopty

It is time for the Arab youth to break down all walls, including walls separating ’48 Arabs from the rest of the Arab world

The real test for Al-Qaeda
Brad Nelson

What will Al-Qaeda do now that it’s moral and charismatic foundation is dead? Will it — and can it — transform itself into something different than it has been?

Equity and justice for whom?
Curtis Doebbler

In a capitalist world, justice and equity is something the rich enjoy while the poor die

The surprise of Bin Laden’s death and Obama’s victory
Hassan Abou Taleb

Confounding his critics, Obama has delivered a bigger blow to Al-Qaeda than ever did his predecessor


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