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08 Jul 2004 - 01 Jul 2017
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Wachtel, Yoel
Senior Lecturer, Modern Hebrew
Wackerfuss, Andrew
Wagner, Lee Ann
Wagner, Maria Luise
Visiting Assistant Professor
Wahba, Kassem
Visiting Assistant Professor
Walcott, John
Professorial Lecturer; Chief Content Officer and Editor in Chief, SmartBrief, Inc.
Waldhorn, Richard
Clinical Professor
Waldman, Todd
Associate Professor
Waldrop, Lindsey
Associate Director, MBA Admissions
Wales, Heathcote
Associate Professor of Law
Walker, David
John A Largay Professor
Walker, Jeffrey
Walker, LuLen
Assistant Curator
Walker, Michael
Walker, Sheila
Adjunct Professor
Wall, Michael
Adjunct Professor; Professorial Lecturer
Wall III, Russell
Professor and Vice Chairman
Wallace, Don
Emeritus & Adjunct Professor of Law
Wallace, Sara
Wallenhorst, John
Adjunct Assistant Professor; Department of Health Systems Administration Vice President of Mission and Ethics at Bon Secours Health System
Wallington, Sherrie
Walsh, Amy
Laboratory Assistant Professor
Walsh, Anne
Associate Director for Academic Affairs
Walsh, James
Associate Professor
Walsh, Jane
Library Systems Manager
Walsh, Maureen
Professorial Lecturer
Walsh, Thomas
Associate Professor
Walter, Frank
Walters, LeRoy
Professor Emeritus; Kennedy Insitute of Ethics and Professor of Philosophy
Walther, Jeanne
Walther, Karine
Visiting Assistant Professor
Wang, Antai
Assistant Professor of Biostatistics
Wang, Dan
Associate Research Professor
Wang, Hongkun
Wang, Judy (Huei-Yu)
Assistant Professor; Assistant Professor
Wang, Michelle
Assistant Professor, Art History, Asian Art
Wang, Peng
Adjunct Instructor - Chinese
Wang, Xiantao
Warbelow, Sarah
Affiliated Assistant Professor
Warburg, Gerald
Adjunct Professor
Warin, Deborah
Warren, Robert
Professor of Medicine; Co-Director, Betty Lou Ourisman Breast Health Center
Warren, Timothy
Warri, Anni
Wasserman, Gary
Visiting Professor
Wasserstrom, Silas
Professor of Law
Wathieu, Luc
Associate Professor
Watts, Barry
Adjunct Professor
Watts, Russ
Director of Outdoor Education
Watts, Stephen
Visiting Scholar
Waxman, Seth
Distinguished Visitor from Practice
Wayne, Stephen
Professor; American Government Field Chair
Wear, Maria
Lecturer; Lecturer
Weaver, R
Distinguished Professor; Professor of Public Policy
Webel, Alissa
Visiting Instructor
Weger, Heather
Wei, Thomas
Weidenbruch, Jr, Peter
Emeritus Professor of Law
Weigert, Astrid
Visiting Assistant Professor
Weiner, Louis
Director; Francis L. and Charlotte G. Gragnani Chair, Department of Oncology
Weinfeld, Jeffrey
Director EBM, Associate Professor
Weinstein, Maxine
Distinguished Professor
Weinsweig, Marc
Executive Professorial Lecturer
Weiss, Charles
Distinguished Professor
Weiss, Edith
Francis Cabell Brown Professor of Intl Law
Weiss, Lawrence
Visiting Professor; Visiting Professor
Weiss, Martha
Associate Professor; Co-Director, Major in Environmental Biology
Weiss, Richard
Weissinger, Peggy
Assistant Dean for Educational Assessment
Welber, Kevin
Professorial Lecturer
Welch, William
Wellbery, Caroline
Assistant Deputy Editor
Wellstein, Anton
Assoc Director for Basic Science; Professor Oncology & Pharmacology, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
Welsh, James
Assistant VP for Student Health
Welt, Cory
Adjunct Professor; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Center for Eurasian, Russian, and East European Studies
Wenisch, Michael
Werner, Sarah
Werro, Franz
Professor of Law
Werz, Michael
Visiting Researcher; Adjunct Professor, BMW Center for German & European Studies Visiting Scholar, Institute for the Study of International Migration (ISIM)
Wessel, Lois
Family Nurse Practitioner; Department of Nursing
West, Gerald
West, Robin
Associate Dean, Research; Haas Prof of Law & Phil
Westbrook, M
Assistant Professor, SFS-Q for 10-11
Westmoreland, Tim
Visiting Professor of Law
Wetzel, Linda
Associate Professor; Director Undergad Studies
Wexler, Adam
Weymouth, Stephen
Assistant Professor
Wheeler, Margot
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Whelton, Sean
Assistant Professor of Medicine
White, Gladys
White, Harold
Jewish Chaplaincy Director /Senior Jewish Chaplain
Whitmer, Ali
Sr. Assoc. Dean, Strategic Planning & Faculty Dev
Wickham-Crowley, Kelley
Associate Professor; Director of the Medieval Studies Program
Wickham-Crowley, Timothy
Chair & Associate Professor
Wickman, James
Director of Liturgy and Music
Widener, Anmarie
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Widerquist, Karl
Visiting Associate Professor
Widra, Eric
Assistant Professor
Wiemers, Alice
Wien, Barbara
Wientzen, Raoul
Clinical Professor
Wiesel, Sam
Professor and Chairman; Chair and Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Wilcox, Christopher
Division Chief, Professor of Medicine; George E. Schreiner Chair of Nephrology;
Director of the Hypertension, Kidney and Vascular Research Center
Wilcox, Clyde
Professor; Director of A&F; Admissions & Fellowships
Wilkinson, Xenia
Willey, Shawna
Chief of Breast Surgery
Williams, Abiodun
Adjunct Professor
Williams, Arlisa
Head Coach
Williams, Dennis
Director & Assoc Dean of Students
Williams, John
Visiting Assistant Professor, Music
Williams, Joy
Associate Dean for Students & Special Programs
Williams, Kadia
Williams, Wendy
Emeritus Professor of Law
Williamson, Rohan
Professor; Stallkamp Research Fellow
Willington, Carlos
Willis, Kristine
Assistant Research Professor
Wilson, Deborah
Clinical Assistant Professor
Wilson, George
Professorial Lecturer (Adjunct), Fall 10
Wilson, Kelly
Assistant Dean & Director
Wilson, Peter
Wimp, Gina
Assistant Professor
Windsor, Jennifer
Associate Dean for Programs and Studies
Wingfield, Thomas
Affiliated Associate Professor
Winkel, Craig
Winkler, Matthew
Associate Dean, MPS Sports Industry Management
Winkler, Othmar
Professor Emeritus
Winters, Francis
Professor Emeritus
Winters, Lori
Assistant Director, MBA
Wirsing, Robert
Visiting Professor
Wise, Andrew Affiliated Professor
Wise, Babette
Director, Substance Abuse Services
Wise, Louise
Professorial Lecturer
Wisler, Andria
Visiting Assistant Professor & Director
Withy, Katherine
Assistant Professor
Witorsch, Philip
Professor of Medicine & Pharm, Medical Director
Wittes, Tamara
Wolf, Christian
Wolf, Holger
Associate Professor
Wolfe, Barry
Wolfsthal, Jon
Adjunct Professor
Wolinetz, Carrie
Wolk, Adam
Wolverton, Maryann
Wood, Lauren
Clin Nurse
Wood, Patricia
EHLS Instructor
Wood, Smith
Adjunct Professor
Woods, Keshia
Assistant Dean
Woods, Willis
Woolard, Jennifer
Associate Professor; Co-Director of Graduate Program in Developmental Science; Research Fellow, Center for Social Justice
Wormuth, Deanna
Wotring, James
Director, NTACCMH
Wrathall, Jean
Wright, Charles
Wright, Jay
Adjunct Lecturer
Wright, Tommy
Adjunct Professorial Lecturer
Wroblewska, Barbara
Research Associate Professor
Wroblewski, Jarda
Associate Professor
Wu, Cathy
Wu, Duncan
Wu, Irene
Yahoo! Fellow in Residence; Director of Research, SAND-MNIA International Bureau Federal Communications Commission
Wu, Jian-Young
Wulan, Tuoya
Associate Director, International Initiatives
Wurtzler, Steve