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Department of Spanish & Portuguese
The Department of Spanish and Portuguese falls under the administrative aegis of Georgetown College and forms part of the association of language departments in the College known as the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics (FLL). The Department services the Spanish and Portuguese language needs of all schools and departments at the university and offers its own vigorous programs at both the undergraduate (BA, BSLA) and graduate levels (MS, PhD).
As an FLL department, Spanish and Portuguese is committed to the teaching of language, literature, linguistics and culture. Therefore, the Department's undergraduate and graduate degree curricula seek to remain squarely within the liberal arts tradition and reflect a desire to foster study of language in a more scientific context.
The Department is committed to providing superior instruction and to conducting quality research in four broad areas of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Languages, Literatures, and Cultures: (1) Spanish and Spanish-American Literature, (2) Luso-Brazilian Literatures, (3) Spanish and Portuguese Linguistics, and (4) Literary and Cultural Theory. These constitute the foundation of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, comprising what the profession generally regards as the sustaining pillars of any comprehensive, first-rank academic program in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies.

Spanish Proficiency Exam guidelines for SFS and MSFS students
Portuguese Proficiency Exam

Contact Information:
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Box 571039
Georgetown University
Washington DC, 20057-1039
Telephone: 202.687.6134
Facsimile: 202.687.5786

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Department of Spanish & Portuguese
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