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Economic Commentaries
Approximately once a month the Riksbank publishes the series Economic Commentaries. The series include for instance brief investigations and debate pieces. The authors are Executive Board members and other officials. The Economic Commentaries are gathered together on this page.

13/05/2011The relation between household saving and falls in house prices | 494 Kb
26/04/2011Numeracy, Financial Literacy and Household Finance. By Johan Almenberg and Daria Finocchiaro | 364 Kb
14/02/2011The Riksbank’s dividend in the past two decades. By Henrik Gardholm and Joanna Gerwin | 209 Kb
28/01/2011The framework for the implementation of monetary policy, the Riksbank’s balance sheet and the financial crisis. By Marianne Nessén, Peter Sellin och Per Åsberg Sommar | 843 Kb
20/12/2010The impact of a maximum loan-to-value ratio on the borrowers’ expenditure. By Albina Soultanaeva and Anders Nordberg | 651 Kb
13/10/2010An indicator of resource utilisation by Christina Nyman | 500 Kb
05/10/2010Analysis of revisions in short-term wage statistics by Ted Aranki and Kent Friberg | 609 Kb
31/03/2010The relationship between the business cycle and the labour market in Sweden by Ted Aranki, Kent Friberg and Maria Sjödin | 479 Kb
15/02/2010Urgent need for new financial regulations and tools by Johan Gernandt, Chairman of the General Council, Leif Pagrotsky, Vice Chairman of the General Council and Stefan Ingves, Governor of the Riksbank | 167 Kb
02/12/2009Executive Board voting – a summary of the first eleven years by Bul Ekici | 340 Kb
10/11/2009Which factor exerted the greatest influence upon the Swedish risk premium during the crisis? By Maria Strömqvist | 174 Kb
28/10/2009How has the stress on the financial markets developed? – An index-based discussion by Mia Holmfeldt, Anders Rydén, Lena Strömberg and Maria Strömqvist | 407 Kb
02/10/2009Future role of the IMF in focus at the 2009 Annual Meeting in Istanbul by Stefan Ingves | 125 Kb
30/09/2009The lower limit of the Riksbank’s repo rate by Meredith Beechey and Heidi Elmér | 208 Kb
22/09/2009Funding of the banks during the financial crisis by Gunnar Blomberg | 294 Kb
28/07/2009The central banks’ extraordinary measures during the financial crisis by Peter Sellin | 175 Kb
21/07/2009No serious credit crunch in Sweden by Bul Ekici, Gabriela Guibourg and Per Åsberg-Sommar | 316 Kb
24/06/2009How does shortselling affect financial markets? By Maria Strömqvist | 207 Kb
16/06/2009The long-term developement of the krona by Björn Lagervall and Marianne Nessén | 336 Kb
09/06/2009How persistent is inflation in Sweden? By Jesper Hansson, Andreas Johnson och Sara Tägtström | 246 Kb
24/04/2009The world needs a strong IMF by Stefan Ingves | 114 Kb
25/03/2009Hedge funds and the financial crisis of 2008 by Maria Strömqvist | 208 Kb
16/03/2009The accuracy of different analysts’ forecasts for GDP in 2008 by Michael K. Andersson and Ted N. Aranki | 260 Kb
04/02/2009Understanding Productivity Growth by Björn Andersson, Susanto Basu, Mikael Carlsson and John Fernald | 123 Kb
13/10/2008Financial turbulence – light at the end of the tunnel after weekend meeting in Washington by Stefan Ingves | 98 Kb
10/10/2008Give the IMF a stronger role in promoting global financial stability by Stefan Ingves | 101 Kb
22/08/2008House prices and the economy by Peter Sellin and Karl Walentin | 173 Kb
03/07/2008Real interest rates in Sweden by Björn Lagerwall | 316 Kb
16/05/2008The effects of the oil price on inflation in Sweden by Mårten Bjellerup and Mårten Löf | 202 Kb
07/05/2008The Riksbank's communication policy by Stefan Ingves | 87 Kb
11/04/2008The IMF should sharpen it's tools by Stefan Ingves | 108 Kb
06/03/2008Should monetary policy stabilise resource utilisation? by Magnus Jonsson, Christian Nilsson and Stefan Palmqvist | 207 Kb

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